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26 People Who Really Don't Like Being Told What To Do

Because fuck the rules.

1. This package opener.

2. This British Skittles fan.

3. This person with a lot of "Bill" stickers.

4. This video game player.

5. This Vans-wearer.

6. This employee who moved the stapler from the fourth floor.

7. This photographer.

8. This dude who just wants you to give peas a chance.

9. This very agreeable person.

10. This fuckin' bear.

11. This guy who doesn't believe in superstitions.

12. Whoever made this sign.

13. ... And whoever made this sign.

14. This Whole Foods employee.

15. This duck.

16. This subway passenger.

17. Whoever put this sign here.

18. These Girl Scouts selling cookies outside a Weight Watchers.

19. This dog.

20. ... And this dog.

21. ... And definitely this dog.

22. This diver.

23. This bank customer.

24. This man, who does not quite look like a teen.

25. This Amazon reviewer.

26. And finally, Hugh Jackman.

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