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    17 Insults That Are Extremely Harsh But Also Extremely Funny

    "You look like the dentist who doesn't recommend toothpaste, because you are a 1/10." 💀

    1. This person who walked right into a trap:

    2. This poor fourth grader:

    3. Whoever was on the receiving end of Judge Judy's wrath this day:

    4. This unsuspecting student:

    Y’all. I’m in class. Kids are working, talking and whatnot. I hear this: “You’re like a plunger. Always bringing up old shit.” I HOLLERED.

    5. A certain movie star:

    6. This big brother who just wanted to do something nice:

    7. This selfie-taking sister:

    so my 14 year old brother responded to my snapchat story..... what


    9. This Facebook user who asked a dumb question:

    10. This heartbroken middle schooler:

    one time in middle school i dated a girl for 4 days and when she broke up with me she posted on facebook “sometimes your knight in shining armor is really just a loser in tinfoil” and to this day that the sickest burn i’ve ever gotten

    11. This YouTuber who received a years-in-the-making diss:

    12. This irritated parent's kid:

    13. This unsuspecting Snapchat user:

    14. Baby boomers:

    Baby Boomers did that thing where you leave a single square of toilet paper on the roll and pretend it’s not your turn to change it but with a whole society

    15. Baby boomers again:

    16. This guy who just SEEMS like he doesn't have a coffee table:

    an old lady at my church knew I was moving and said she bought a coffee table for me because I 'looked like someone who doesn't own a coffee table' and the worst part about that is that I don't own a coffee table.

    17. Billie Eilish:

    18. And finally, this Facebook user perfectly dragged themselves:

    H/T to r/rareinsults.