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23 People You Can't Even Be Mad At Because They're Technically Following The Rules

Some people just love a good loophole.

1. This guy who happily fulfilled his wife's request.

2. This person who definitely isn't selling water bottles.

3. This café worker who was just following orders.

4. ...and this hotel employee who did the same.

5. This unicycle rider who is 100% allowed to do this here.

6. This Utah bar owner who is strictly adhering to local liquor laws.

7. This baker who made the cake exactly as described.

8. This person who refuses to accept the end-user license agreement, but still wants the CD.

9. This guy whose girlfriend asked him to shovel a path to the garage.

10. This person who is simply waiting to pay their bill until it's actually due.

11. This barista.

12. This son who was just helping his mom out with the chores.

13. This person who obeyed the sign.

14. This 6-year-old who clearly knows how to read directions.

15. ...and this kid who refuses to partake in some cloud-gazing bullshit, but still completed their assignment as requested.

16. This Panera employee who kindly agreed to slice the customer's bagel in half.

17. ...and this Taco Bell employee who was happy to fulfill a special request.

18. ...and this McDonald's employee who gave the customer exactly what they asked for.

19. This adorable kid who did precisely what his coach told him to do.

20. This responsible, sign-reading dog owner.

21. This Amazon user who did exactly as they were asked.

22. This person who was very excited to get a free sign.

23. And all of these folks who made sure to follow the instructions in the bathroom.

H/T to /r/maliciouscompliance and /r/firstworldconformists