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21 People Who Kinda Blew It If We're Being Honest

To quote Hannah Montana...nobody's perfect.

1. This McDonald's employee who didn't realize her name would show up next to her review.

Totitive / Via

2. This AAA employee.

iam_nobody / Via

3. Whoever was responsible for putting together this delivery.

ZinfoTheIdk / Via

4. This person who loves a little ~romance~.

FlipettyFlop / Via

5. This boyfriend who had apparently never heard of "gray" before.

tyler1492 / Via

6. This person who didn't quite understand the meaning of a "parking ticket."

OhNoBaby__ / Via

7. This person who doesn't seem to grasp how phone numbers work.

starsoriginated / Via

8. This Twitter user who tried to lecture J.K. Rowling on a Harry Potter plotpoint.

UnlikelyJuice / Via

9. This driver who simply could not be bothered to remove the snow from their windshield.

lesstaller / Via

10. This guy who *thought* he had a slam-dunk defense when he was pulled over.

@ChisagoCountySO / Via

11. This mom who might not have the best understanding of how cameras work.

piscuison / Via

12. This Amazon customer who asked if the toy model of Jupiter came in a "life-size" version.

Arborealbro / Via

13. This person who parked in what is DEFINITELY NOT a parking space.

pluey200 / Via

14. This girl who has apparently never done laundry before.

TaoTeChing81 / Via

15. This angry Amazon reviewer.

moboa / Via

16. This savvy buyer who wanted to know if Van Gogh's most famous painting was on sale for $20.

pp0787 / Via

17. This person who has never heard a knock-knock joke before, but still gets points for laughing politely.

FriasAdore / Via

18. This person who *tried* to own someone online — and promptly got owned themselves.

fucuck / Via

19. Whoever attempted to use their apartment's washing a salad spinner.

johno_mendo / Via

20. This woman who used a Swiss army knife to open a wine bottle — apparently unaware that the tool actually *has* a corkscrew on it.

EndlessVanity / Via

21. And finally, there's this mom, who at least gets an A for effort.

andrewshepherdlego / Via

H/t to r/facepalm.

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