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    22 People Who Are Having A WAY Worse Holiday Season Than You Are

    'Tis the season things get shitty.

    1. This woman who tried to go get her tree from the attic.

    KustomKonceptz / Via

    2. This person who thought they were getting a Benz for Christmas, but then...

    This_comment_has / Via

    3. This woman who found a big-ass spider living in her tree.

    AngryB3ar / Via

    4. This kid who asked for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and got this instead.

    Picklesk / Via

    5. This guy whose Christmas present just really, really sucked.

    Blizzardscissors / Via

    6. This family whose fancy Christmas dinner was a little too heavy for the glass table.

    ManMyNameSureIsFunny / Via

    7. This dad who was setting up Christmas lights on his roof when THIS happened:

    brend2b / Via

    8. This pet owner who thought it would be ~so cute~ to get their dog an advent calendar — until the dog found it.

    Trair / Via

    9. This person whose Christmas cookies came out looking like straight-up boobs.

    2olley / Via

    10. This poor mom who just wanted to make the house nice for Christmas.

    zoe_xo / Via

    11. This family whose cat got in a fight with the tree — and won.

    MainePoster / Via

    12. And this family that had to make some real sacrifices in the tree department because of their own naughty cat.

    blackout73 / Via

    13. And this family that had to lock their tree inside a literal cage to keep the cat out.

    jina100 / Via

    14. This woman whose Christmas gift was a travel mug with her initials "CMU" painted on it in a ~fancy way~.

    Snowy_Boy / Via

    15. This guy who got glassware for Christmas while his brother got an Xbox.

    Rico04 / Via

    16. This town whose holiday decorations are accidentally kinda R-rated.

    ISpikInglisVeriBest / Via

    17. This kid who got a hoverboard from Santa and then promptly ruined Christmas dinner.

    Aiden2222 / Via

    18. This girlfriend who asked for a three-karat ring for Christmas, and got a three-carrot one instead.

    vbpatel / Via

    19. This guy whose mom didn't look too closely before buying him a holiday sweater.

    CallMeCurious / Via

    20. This family whose Christmas tree probably broke a world record in shedding:

    stehigs321 / Via

    21. These folks who tried to take a shortcut when getting rid of their tree — and now it's stuck there forever.

    goldquest / Via

    22. And finally... Allison. Poor, poor Allison.

    akantho / Via

    Happy holidays, everyone!


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