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23 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "Better Them Than Me"

The schadenfreude is real, y'all.

1. This person who left their passport and boarding pass in an airport bathroom.

czmax / Via

2. This person who came back to their bike to discover it had been locked onto a stranger's bike.

dirk993 / Via

3. This server who hopefully didn't lose her tip.

@Rachel_Bonacci / Via

4. This parent who accidentally spilled coffee grounds...on her child.

sheriffduwayne / Via

5. This person who found a rather obnoxious note on their windshield.

OneOne6unashamed / Via

6. This person who is seriously regretting their wish.

Zoower / Via

7. This person who should probably go shop for some new jeans now.

KevlarYarmulke / Via

8. This guy who was about to walk into a job interview when he realized they forgot to take the security tag off his spiffy new suit.

balf92 / Via

9. This person who tried to make a run from the cops but left something ~kinda~ important behind.

WhiteTrashWithMoney / Via

10. This person who is not too pleased about their new license plate.

fague_doctor / Via

11. This person whose Nintendo Switch was turned into a very expensive chew toy for their dog.

vo_xv / Via

12. This teen whose energy drink exploded on their lap right before school.

connems_rc / Via

13. This grocery store employee who will probably be working late tonight.

basshead541 / Via

14. This birthday boy who got a present he might already have.

dealclosersonly / Via

15. This person whose toilet froze and exploded because of the cold temperatures.

SomeoneStopMePlease / Via

16. This person who is really regretting those résumé embellishments right about now.

@shimz_afc / Via

17. This person who thought the soy sauce was maple syrup.

sirfluffyington / Via

18. This person who was the victim of a brutal-but-kinda-funny prank in high school.

@squidslippers / Via

19. This person who definitely does not have a future as a barista.

@whothemoon / Via

20. This person whose truth or dare game got real personal.

@fentynipple / Via

21. This person who should have checked the forecast before leaving their windows rolled down.

Shouldaville / Via

22. And finally, this person who accidentally brought their cutting board to school.

flyoverthemooon / Via

H/t to r/wellthatsucks.