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People Are Sharing Their Most Boring Celebrity Encounters And OMG It Is Wild

Stars — they're as boring as the rest of us.

Sometimes when you meet a celebrity, you get a crazy story out of it. Like that time a ~certain rapper~ got mad at me because I didn't know who he was.


But other times, your celebrity encounter ends up being pretty...well, boring!


That's why Twitter user John Moe posed a challenge to the internet:

Your most boring, mundane, inconsequential celebrity encounter. Go!

And even though the answers are boring AF, they're also strangely entertaining to read.

Sarah Michelle Gellar asking me how to connect to the WiFi on her iPad at Coffee Commissary

Stars — they're as boring as the rest of us!

I asked Winona Ryder where the bathroom was, and she very kindly said it was “down the hall.”

They burp.

Mark Wahlberg stops behind me at a newsstand on Columbus Avenue. He burped.

They buy gum.

When I was working at the Mobil station in Woodstock, NY, Ethan Hawke came in and bought a pack of Juicy Fruit. “.75 cents” i said. He gave me a 5 dollar bill. I gave him four dollars and 25 cents. He said “Thanks.”

They drink milkshakes.

Tom Selleck came into the candy store I worked in to buy a milkshake and I said “you’re tall” and he said “your hair’s pink” then he left

They can be very polite.

Chris Rock held the door open for me as I was leaving a Vietnamese restaurant with takeout

Although sometimes they just want to be left alone.

Ewan McGregor outside LAX with @rob_pearson86 : Rob: Ewan McGregor is behind you. Me, turning to face Ewan, 4 feet away: Oh yeah. Ewan's eyes: DON'T SAY A FUCKING WORD TO ME.

And some of the encounters aren't even that boring! Like a Backstreet Boy seeking counsel on his McNuggets order:

I was in line behind one of the Backstreet Boys at an airport McDonald’s and he asked me if 20 was too many nuggets.

Or this dude shutting down Mila Kunis when she tried to play with his dog:

@emilynussbaum One time Mika Kunis tried to play with a dog I was walking when we were in line at a cafe, and I (not recognizing her at firs) said, “I’m actually trying to get her to calm down.” She was very apologetic.

Or Kumail Nanjiani bumping into Will Ferrell and getting some accurate directions:

I once asked a random guy for directions. He turned around. It was Will Ferrell. He gave me directions. They were correct.

Here are a few more fun ones:

I talked to Martin Freeman for about 15 minutes in a queue in the dry cleaners because i recognised him and thought he played hockey with my brother. He chatted the whole time and never once let on who he was.

@kumailn I denied Willem Defoe entrance to a bar on New Years Eve since we were closed for a private party. He politely understood.

Back when I worked at a grocery store just off Mulholland, sold John Lovitz almost an entire shelf of cat food.

Also, for what it's worth, here's my own boring encounter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I helped Stevie Wonder change the time zone on his phone

Have you ever had a boring, mundane interaction with a celebrity? Share yours in the comments!

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