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    21 Parenting Fails That Will Make You Feel Only SLIGHTLY Bad For Laughing

    Better them than me.

    1. This father whose good deed seriously backfired.

    @_molliebanks / Via

    2. This mom who walked in on her son trying to "cool down" his Hot Cheetos.

    Jaydon1 / Via

    3. This mom whose children were having a very important argument.

    @Knowbuntu / Via

    4. This father who was nearly scammed by his own children.

    allenyeee / Via

    5. This parent whose child could probably use a little help on their math homework.

    CanoliDealer / Via

    6. This parent who caught their kid eating a horrifying concoction of ramen and Cap'n Crunch.

    sticky_muffin87 / Via

    7. This parent whose child still hasn't quite mastered the art of sitting in a chair.

    JacksSatellite / Via

    8. This aunt whose niece has a problem that's gonna be tough to fix.

    MadDogHarris / Via

    9. This parent who's probably wondering why their daughter's mouth is so pink and sparkly.

    @RachBlackburn_ / Via

    10. This mom whose son made a ~scary~ Mr. Potato Head, and then became so frightened by his own creation that he had a total meltdown.

    Parther05 / Via

    11. This parent whose child had some perfectly reasonable logic.

    b2g1 / Via

    12. This father whose child might be failing geometry.

    emmarley / Via

    13. This parent whose daughter tried to play hide and seek.

    Damian411 / Via

    14. This mom who wouldn't let her son have chocolate.

    @NiallSnipars / Via

    15. This mom whose child tried — rather unsuccessfully — to forge her signature.

    dead1295 / Via

    16. These parents who should probably explain the concept of "pounds" to their son.

    keera_w / Via

    17. This parent who maybe shouldn't have left a gold sharpie on the computer desk.

    MichaelEugeneLowry / Via

    18. This parent who might need to correct their child's "Keep Out" sign.

    JukeboxSommelier / Via

    19. This uncle whose nephew asked to borrow a dollar bill, and then immediately threw it into a wishing well.

    Realistictaco / Via

    20. This parent whose child clearly got into the fridge somehow.

    d1g_n1nga / Via

    21. And finally, this mother whose daughter found a very fun "sticker" for her card.

    @Dempster2000 / Via

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