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    Updated on Sep 22, 2019. Posted on Apr 13, 2019

    21 Parenting Fails That Will Make You Feel Only SLIGHTLY Bad For Laughing

    Better them than me.

    1. This father whose good deed seriously backfired.

    @_molliebanks / Via

    2. This mom who walked in on her son trying to "cool down" his Hot Cheetos.

    Jaydon1 / Via

    3. This mom whose children were having a very important argument.

    @Knowbuntu / Via

    4. This father who was nearly scammed by his own children.

    allenyeee / Via

    5. This parent whose child could probably use a little help on their math homework.

    CanoliDealer / Via

    6. This parent who caught their kid eating a horrifying concoction of ramen and Cap'n Crunch.

    sticky_muffin87 / Via

    7. This parent whose child still hasn't quite mastered the art of sitting in a chair.

    JacksSatellite / Via

    8. This aunt whose niece has a problem that's gonna be tough to fix.

    MadDogHarris / Via

    9. This parent who's probably wondering why their daughter's mouth is so pink and sparkly.

    @RachBlackburn_ / Via

    10. This mom whose son made a ~scary~ Mr. Potato Head, and then became so frightened by his own creation that he had a total meltdown.

    Parther05 / Via

    11. This parent whose child had some perfectly reasonable logic.

    b2g1 / Via

    12. This father whose child might be failing geometry.

    emmarley / Via

    13. This parent whose daughter tried to play hide and seek.

    Damian411 / Via

    14. This mom who wouldn't let her son have chocolate.

    @NiallSnipars / Via

    15. This mom whose child tried — rather unsuccessfully — to forge her signature.

    dead1295 / Via

    16. These parents who should probably explain the concept of "pounds" to their son.

    keera_w / Via

    17. This parent who maybe shouldn't have left a gold sharpie on the computer desk.

    MichaelEugeneLowry / Via

    18. This parent who might need to correct their child's "Keep Out" sign.

    JukeboxSommelier / Via

    19. This uncle whose nephew asked to borrow a dollar bill, and then immediately threw it into a wishing well.

    Realistictaco / Via

    20. This parent whose child clearly got into the fridge somehow.

    d1g_n1nga / Via

    21. And finally, this mother whose daughter found a very fun "sticker" for her card.

    @Dempster2000 / Via

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