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19 Parents Who Deserve A Damn Nobel Prize In Patience

Kids are so very cute and so very dumb.

1. This mom whose kids were having a perfectly rational fight.

@Knowbuntu / Via

2. This dad whose son has a lot on his plate right now.

electro-pug-2017 / Via

3. This mother whose child just wants to play in the oven.

@SeauxCocoa / Via

4. This parent who somehow betrayed their child with a chicken quesadilla.


5. Titus's parents.

6. This mom whose kid just learned that bats are real.

@tragicallyhere / Via

7. This mom who was sick of her children losing the hairbrush.

fathead7707 / Via

8. This father who forgot to teach his kid what an owl is...

@crookedroads770 / Via

9. ...and these parents who apparently forgot to teach their kid about geese.

10. This father who was just trying to keep his kid safe from a tornado.

11. This parent who did not have an answer to a perfectly reasonable question.

@octopuscaveman / Via

12. This parent whose child tried their very, very best.

MyNamesKyIe / Via

13. This parent whose Santa duties just got slightly more inconvenient.

Nimeni1234 / Via

14. This father who just needs to take a deep breath and count to 10.

15. This aunt whose nephew doesn't QUITE understand childproof caps...

@azedi / Via

16. ...and this aunt whose niece followed directions a little too literally.

@Nhla2_Savage / Via

17. This parent who just wants to get the shopping done.

spooky-mcgriddles / Via

18. This parent whose kid might be watching too many cartoons.

19. And finally, this dad who just wanted to do something nice — and it totally backfired.


H/t to Reddit.

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