People Are Calling Out The Jobs That Are Way Overpaid, And I'm Sorry If Your Profession Is On This List

    Real estate agents, football coaches, therapists, and more.

    Recently, Reddit user u/peterpuffer4life posed a viral question to the internet: "What job or profession is overpaid?"

    The question sparked lots of dialogue, with thousands of internet users weighing in with their own hot takes. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Big-time preachers! I'm not saying all preachers, but the ones with mega-churches."


    Joel Osteen

    2. "High school and college head football coaches in the United States. You don’t even have to be good. Once you land a head coaching job, you can have a losing record and still make bank. In many high schools, the head coach will be the highest paid employee even if they don’t teach a class. College head coaches are often the highest paid public employees in any state."


    3. "Real estate agents. 3% of the house price? Fuck off."


    4. "The lazier real estate agents. I realize some are go-getters, but the ones I've dealt with weren't worth the slice of the pie they were taking."


    a real estate agent

    5. "Everyone's saying real estate agents. Wait 'til you find out about the guys at the desk job who REALLY make the money. MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICERS."


    6. "Hospital administration. Specifically in the US. Making $300,000 a year to scam the people and pretend to care about the workers."


    7. "Social media 'influencers.'"


    an influencer

    8. "Even CEOs can't, under pressure, justify their pay. I will never forget how stupid that JP Morgan CEO looked when Congresswoman Katie Porter pulled out her white board then grilled him about his salary vs. a teller at his own bank."


    9. "Hedge fund managers and investment bankers. Even if it requires tons of skill and intelligence (which I don’t know that it does), making rich people richer using obscure financial instruments that don’t actually fund any production or innovation is not something we should reward by making people millionaires and billionaires."


    10. "Software developers, and I am one. Seriously, I work like two hours a day and get paid nearly six figures."


    a software developer

    11. "Any 'professional player' of any kind of sport is overpaid. Meanwhile, teachers, who are the absolute base of society, need to have part-time jobs just to be able to pay their electric bills."


    12. "Paparazzi, you are paid to be a fucking asshole."


    13. "Home inspectors charge hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to miss obvious flaws in the home you're about to purchase."


    a home inspector

    14. "Politicians should be very well-paid by the government and absolutely forbidden from any other revenue streams. No donations to the politician, no lobbying, no gifts, no grifts. No speaking fees, no book deals, no consulting gigs. Nothing. For their entire duration in office and for five (maybe 10) years after leaving office. Politicians should be forced to disclose every single gift they receive; even a birthday card from their mom with $5 inside needs to be tracked and monitored."


    15. "Superintendents. It’s solely political and ridiculous how much they get paid compared to the teachers they’re over."


    16. "Big name actors, I'm sorry, but I just don't see why anyone needs to earn $25 million+ for two months of work. And I've worked in both film and theater and understand all that goes on to make productions. It just seems crazy to me. Great work if you can get it."


    The Rock

    17. "Some therapists. I know that therapy is very important and some therapists are incredible at what they do and have to endure working through their patients’ horrible traumas. But some therapists should not work in that field and make things legitimately worse while getting paid an arm and a leg."


    18. "'Creatives' at ad agencies. These are among the least creative people I work with on a regular basis."


    19. "Anyone on Wall Street except unpaid interns."


    Wall Street

    20. "High-ranking military officers. From experience, I'd say a vast majority of the ones I've dealt with are just glorified politicians, who are nothing more than yes men for their next promotion. After a certain point, they're practically not even in the military anymore; they tend to have no concept of what's going on at the lowest levels whatsoever."


    21. "Mine. I have been working for three years and I’m not entirely sure what I do. Sometimes I write code. Mostly I sit in meetings where I say nothing. But I work for the government so I’m pretty safe from being fired or let go. Definitely the most I’ve ever been paid for the least work."


    And finally...

    22. "Do we consider being a landlord a profession?"


    a landlord

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.