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    Oprah Grew A Cabbage So Big She Could Barely Carry It, And You Really Need To See It To Believe It's Real

    "This is gonna make a lot of good slaw for Memorial Day."

    I don't know about you, but life in quarantine has all my days blurring together — it's hard to tell one day apart from the next sometimes.


    But today? Well, today is one day that will FOREVER stand out. Because today is the day Oprah shared her enormous cabbage with the world. Behold!

    "Y'all are not gonna believe this, but this is a cabbage that just came out of my garden," Oprah revealed in a video she posted to Instagram.

    "I'm telling you, not one chemical used whatsoever, because we don't believe in that around here," she said. NOT ONE CHEMICAL!

    The cabbage is so heavy that, at one point in the video, Oprah almost drops it. Luckily, she recovers before the large cabbage hits the ground.

    "This is gonna make a lot of good slaw for Memorial Day," she told her 18.6 million followers.

    Anyway, I really have nothing to add here. Oprah grew a cabbage the size of a small sedan, and I thought you would enjoy seeing it. I hope it was worth the click!

    You can check out Oprah's big ol' cabbage video below: