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    Olly Murs Stuck His Dick In A Pringles Can On TikTok To Trick His Girlfriend Into Grabbing It — And Now It's A Big Controversy

    "Say hello to my little friend."

    On Monday, British singer Olly Murs posted a "prank" video to TikTok, where he cut the bottom out of a Pringles can, stuck his penis in it, and then tricked his unsuspecting girlfriend, Amelia Tank, into reaching inside.

    "Say hello to my little friend," he narrates, quoting the classic line from Scarface. He also hashtagged it #shedidntseethatcoming.

    In the video, Olly clearly thinks the whole thing is funny, but his girlfriend is visibly disgusted and upset by it and calls him a "twat."

    Since uploading the video to TikTok, it's gone massively viral, with nearly 6 million views in the past 48 hours. But the response has been largely negative, with many people in the comments accusing the singer of violating his girlfriend's consent:

    People on Twitter are also calling Olly out:

    why is olly murs sticking his nob in a pringles tube

    Many felt like the "prank" was actually really messed up:

    @Christo94779588 @thediyora @Reverend_Makers Because as everyone knows. Sexual assault is funny if it’s not conventional

    Olly Murs putting his dick in a Pringles can and then getting his girlfriend (is it his girlfriend?) to put her hand in expecting pringles is fucking gross enough but like...filming it and uploading it to TikTok? No.

    @thediyora haha lack of consent is so funny @ollymurs haha 🙃

    People thought the video was just plain creepy:

    I hate olly murs's like child's tv presenter-mixed-with-horny-manchild personality, it gives me the creeps

    olly murs putting his dick in a pringles tub just completely and finally ruined my night

    came on twitter at 6am to see olly murs sticking his knob in a pringles can

    Just watched the Olly Murs TikTok. I think that’s enough internet for today

    Some wondered how his PR team let it happen:

    #OllyMurs PR agent after seeing him sticking his nob in a pringles can

    Others wondered why TikTok allowed the clip on the platform in the first place:

    Tiktok really be taking down disabled creator’s videos for showing their mobility aids, but letting Olly Murs have a video of his dick in a Pringles can & harassing his partner

    I think I speak for all of us when I say: NOPE.

    Olly Murs has yet to respond to the controversy, and the TikTok is still up on his page.