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19 Old Beyoncé Instagrams She Would Never, Ever Post Today

How times have changed.

If you've visited Beyoncé's instagram in the last few years, you've probably noticed that she's turned it into an actual work of ART.

Her timeline is full of artsy concepts, high fashion, and professional pics. It, like everything she does, is iconic.

But if you've followed @beyonce since the beginning, you know her account wasn't always like this. Before she was posting all these fancy things, her Instagram account was just like yours and mine.

So, without further ado, here are 19 things Beyoncé once posted on Instagram that she would NEVER post today:

1. A Kit Kat bar.

2. A Connect 4 arcade game at Dave & Buster's.

3. A screenshot of her listening to "Some Nights" by Fun.

4. An out-of-focus picture of her Gatorade.

5. Microwave noodles.

6. A picture of herself behind the wheel of a UPS truck.

7. Some two dollar bills.

8. Assorted baked goods.

9. Tri-colored popcorn.

10. A pop art ad for Pepsi.

11. A leprechaun.

12. A self-deprecating throwback pic.

13. A Pic Stitch collage of food:

14. ...Especially with the hashtag #22DaysVegan:

15. Macbooks and In-N-Out.

16. A picture of Kim and Kanye (they have since strayed from Bey's light).

17. A fancy cake she got for selling out a stadium in Duluth, Georgia.

18. Easter eggs.

19. And finally, this Instagram-within-an-Instagram pose:

May we all step up our Instagram game like Beyoncé has. They don't call her Queen B for nothing!