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    Updated on Mar 9, 2019. Posted on Feb 5, 2019

    Oh Wow. Apparently If You Photoshop Nicolas Cage's Face Onto Ross Geller's Body, Your Brain Will Explode.

    Well, isn't that something.

    You know David Schwimmer, aka Ross from Friends.


    And you also know Nicolas Cage, aka Nicolas Cage.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    But did you know that David Schwimmer and Nicolas Cage have the exact same face? As in, if you took Ross from Friends, and then superimposed Nic Cage's face onto his body........well, nothing would happen! Because they have the exact same face.


    Don't believe me? Well, there's proof. Feast your eyes upon THIS:

    NBC / Via


    NBC / Via

    This blessed/cursed image was uploaded to Reddit by user spaghetticondom911 (thank you for your service, spaghetticondom!!!) but it's actually a screenshot from a ~deep fake~ YouTube video created by a user named derpfakes.

    View this video on YouTube

    (Derpfakes actually put Nic's face onto a bunch of other Friends characters, but none of them were nearly as convincing as Ross Cage.)

    NBC / Via

    The Ross image was shared on Reddit along with the observation that Nic's face "just makes him look more like Ross." And the photo has gone insanely viral, amassing over 131,000 upvotes in just a day. People are truly weirded out by it.

    It's a lot to process!

    One user created a side-by-side comparison, and holy shit.

    Sanc7 / Via

    Nic Cage really does look more like Ross than the actual Ross does, somehow.

    This user really summed it all up:

    That's enough internet for me today. I need to go lie down.


    (And subscribe to derpfakes on YouTube, cuz this shit is wild.)

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