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People Are Calling Out The Most "Overrated" Cities They've Visited, And There Were Some Big Surprises

Paris is so underwhelming to some tourists that they literally named a syndrome after it.

A viral thread on Reddit has people calling out the most overrated cities they've visited or lived in — and y'all, all I can say is I'm very sorry if your hometown is on this list. (Mine is!)

So, without further ado, here are 22 overrated cities, according to the people who have been to them:

1. "Las Vegas. I once ordered four drinks and my tab was $117. Then there’s the heat. And the noise. And the creepy men lingering, well, everywhere."

2. "Myrtle Beach. I’m not even saying that it has a good reputation. I’m just saying that any shred of positive thinking about it makes it overrated."

3. "Dubai. It's the clickbait of the world. 'We have the biggest/tallest/most expensive...' and 'YOU WON'T BELIEVE when you see THIS...' It's hot as fuck, everything's a man-made tourist trap, labor exploitation and racism are rampant, and they try so hard to prove to the world how modern and Westernized they are. Really, it's just government propaganda."

4. "I live in Oregon. People are always going on about how Portland is the best city in the world. Y’all…please visit some others. Portland is fine, but good god, it is not the coolest city in the world."

5. "Amsterdam is too busy in the summer. The fact that most tourists come to smoke weed and have sex with sex workers doesn’t help either. In the winter, it’s much more pleasant. Also, surrounding cities like Delft and Utrecht are just as pleasant if you’re into sightseeing."

6. "Nashville, Tennessee. It's not a fascinating place, you could tour every interesting place in an eight-hour day. We're just a crap-ton of bars to get drunk at and construction everywhere. I heard something like 10,000 new people a day move here and I can't understand why. Rent is stupidly high because of it. We're at almost $2,000 a month for 1,400 square feet 30 minutes out of Nashville city limits. Go away, people, not even locals like being here anymore."

7. "Boulder, Colorado. The people are stuck up and discriminatory. The food frankly sucks. The weed is overpriced, the hiking and climbing is overcrowded by lots of people who don't know what the fuck they are doing, rich kids do too many hard drugs and flip out on strangers, and the politics have completely overtaken everything that used to make it cool."

8. "Delhi. There are FAR better places to visit in India. Most Indians who are from other parts of the country already know this, but it baffles me that tourists almost always go there in my experience."

9. "Atlantic City. Venture a few blocks off the boardwalk and it's incredibly depressing. Very clearly an area exploited by the big casinos while the locals have been driven to absolute poverty, while they still force a smile to work the shops that are required for the tourist traffic."

10. "Dublin! I love Ireland, and places like Killarney are incredible, but Dublin is just an average, mediocre city where everything is overpriced."

11. "Palm Springs. There’s literally nothing to do except maybe hit up some four-star restaurants and golf. The golfing isn’t even in Palm Springs. So many celebrities come here as if it’s some luxury town, but it’s really not. Just a bunch of old retired people sipping alcohol and voting against every interesting thing that gets proposed."

12. "Niagara Falls, Canada. I grew up there. Mayor pumps most of the tax money to casinos and tourism with flashy Vegas-esque attractions."

13. "The US side of the Niagara Falls is a fucking shithole. There’s a ton of crappy-looking buildings and shitty tourist trap places. It’s gross."

14. "Oh my god, Miami. Unless you are at the beach, it sucks so much."

15. "Vancouver. Expensive as hell, crowded, filthy streets, and some of the coldest, most detached people in all of Canada. But hey, it's warmer than literally everywhere else in the country."

16. "Albuquerque. The crime is horrible, drivers are infuriating idiots, anything new always gets vandalized or destroyed, education is atrocious, high-cost living with a poor economy, and our only attraction is the International Balloon Fiesta in October."

17. "Cairo is a shitshow. It's beautiful, but at every corner awaits a new way to get scammed."

18. "Clearwater Beach, Florida. Been built up so much there's hardly any beach left. Traffic is AWFUL, so plan two to four hours of your beach time just sitting in that. Sucks for locals biiiiig time."

19. "San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge and the Pier are cool, but the rest of the city is kind of disgusting. Completely filthy and super expensive for even a shitty hotel."

20. "Los Angeles. It’s a sprawling megalopolis built on a desert, the stench of a million failed dreams creeping like the marine layer and turning into a smothering smog of overpriced despair."

21. "Paris. So much so that there's a syndrome named for when tourists find out what it is really like and lose the plot: Paris Syndrome."

And finally...

22. "Vienna. I always heard it was meant to have great architecture and was a great place to visit, but to me seemed very lacking in things to do/see and most of the buildings seemed pretty standard, especially for continental Europe."

You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.