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    19 Things We Absolutely Must Get Rid Of In 2019


    This week, a Reddit thread asked users, "What exists for the sole purpose of pissing people off?" The thread quickly went viral, as more and more people started chiming in with the things they hate about being a human in 2019.


    So, without further ado, here are 19 things we absolutely MUST be done with ASAP:

    1. "The fake 'X' on advertisements, or the ones on mobile that have 2x2 pixels that you can never hit and instead click the ad."


    2. "Unnecessary hard-to-open plastic packaging around some of the least valuable items."

    3. "When a screen loads up, and then readjusts right when you are trying to click on something, which then causes you to click on the wrong thing."


    4. "Those pull tabs on seals that don't work unless you really put your back into it, then they give suddenly and the contents of the container fly out and make a huge mess."

    5. "The pop-up 'subscribe to our newsletter' message on websites that covers the entire fucking page."


    6. "When commercials are intentionally louder than the show."


    7. "Slime as gifts for children."

    8. "Fully automated customer service phone numbers."


    9. "Two-minute long commercials for a 30-second video clip."


    10. "Any article of women's clothing that has fake pockets."

    Twitter: @_carley_anne / Via BuzzFeed


    11. "The inequality of the number of hot dogs vs. the number of buns in a pack."

    Buena Vista

    12. "Mandatory e-mail sign ups when visiting a website or using a service. Even some doctors and dentists require you to do it now."


    13. "Stickers that come apart when you peel them off and leave paper/adhesive residue behind that you then have to try to scrape off."

    14. "YouTube videos or blogs that take 20 minutes to get to the useful information you actually need."


    15. "Food bloggers writing their life story before finally getting to the damn recipe."


    16. "Having to put in your credit card information in order to get a free trial."


    17. "Robocalls."


    18. "Mandatory password requirements that force you to change your main password, leaving you with 20 different passwords not knowing which is for what website."

    19. "Hold music that's really loud with poor sound quality, and is interrupted every few minutes with a voice that you think might be the person picking up to finally help you, but instead it's just a recorded voice quietly saying, 'Thank you for continuing to hold, someone will be with you shortly.'"


    May 2019 be the year we get rid of ALL of these!


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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