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Millennials Are Sharing The Things That Older Generations Don't Understand And It's So Real It Hurts

"I'm not a tech wizard. I just know how to Google things."

If you're a millennial, there's a decent chance you've been called lazy, stupid, entitled, or worse. There are lots of negative stereotypes about us!

So this week, a Reddit thread asked millennials to share all the things that members of older generations just don't understand.

The thread quickly went viral, as thousands of millennials started sharing the things they wished Gen Xers and Baby Boomers knew. Here are some of the best responses:

1. "Ever been to a professional sporting event and groaned at the price of admission, concessions, and even water? Being a millennial is kind of like living your entire life inside of that stadium."

2. "Most things millennials gripe about aren’t just whiny child BS, they’re legitimate issues. Unaffordable housing. Lower wages. Employers requiring more experience for 'entry-level' positions. Unreal student loan debt. These are real issues. Since the average retirement age keeps increasing, these issues will only get worse."


3. "I'm not a tech wizard. I just know how to Google things."


4. "Every time you bash millennials for taking participation ribbons remember who came up with that stupid fucking idea. Here is a clue: It wasn't us."

5. "We got some really shitty advice, did everything we were asked to do, and when it didn't work, we got bitched at for not doing it hard enough."


6. "Most people don't know the actual age of millennials. To them, a millennial is someone that they hate and happens to be younger than them."


7. "The average millennial is 30 years old, not a teenybopper or college kid."

8. "When millennials ignore your economic/career advice, it's not because we're snotty or ungrateful or don't value your opinion. It's because the economy is so different that advice which may have been good in the '50s through '80s is not likely to still be good."


9. "Twelve dollars an hour is not a livable wage. Not even close. I feel pressured to move away from the state I love because rent is so fucking expensive."


10. "Why is it that so many members of older generations can have a smartphone in their pocket but never take a minute to fact-check something that sounds suspicious?"

11. "Most of us don't want kids not out of selfishness but because we can't afford them."


12. "It’s hard, even in my early thirties with a good full-time job, to afford rent and food and everything else. I wish I had been born in a time where working a job like I have now would pay for a three-bedroom house and two cars. No, I’m not lazy. I just don’t think I should have to work two full-time jobs just to survive."


13. "The whole 'I had my house paid by the time i was 25' from old people... Houses cost a whole lot less then, Barbara."

14. "Our planet is dying and I THINK WE NEED TO FIX THAT."


15. "Labor jobs are not shameful and you can actually earn good money doing it. Trades are dying because we were all told to go to college and get desk jobs."


16. "We may very well be the first 'overeducated' generation in the history of this country. MOST of us have college degrees, and very sizable portion of us have graduate degrees too. We have these because we basically have to in order to even have the chance of making enough money for a comfortable life as adults."

17. "The world is dying, prices for everything have skyrocketed, the government is corrupt beyond repair, and somehow you wonder why we're all depressed."


18. "I can't afford to live on my own. I have a degree, goddammit. I don't have kids, I don't have unnecessary extra expenses to cut out of my life. I just can't afford to live on my own. That's just how our economy is right now."


19. "The reason older people can get away with 'not being a computer/technology person' is NOT because technology is unnecessary. It's because you have your kids and grandkids to do it all for you. Stop shitting on technology and maybe just say 'thank you.'"

20. "Jobs aren’t as stable as they used to be. We’re making WAY less money than before, it’s exponentially harder to find a job, and the expectations for the average applicant keeps rising."


21. "You expect us to fix the problems your generation has created and are doing nothing to solve. All of your systems are broken. At least make an attempt."

22. And finally, there was this sage wisdom:

"Millennials are not one homogenous group.

Some are successful, some are struggling.

Some are urban, some are rural.

Some have college education, some do not.

Some live with their parents, some live alone.

Some have marriage and kids, some are single.

Generalizing an entire generation makes it an 'us vs. them' argument, that you assume everyone is on one side or the other. Don’t fall for this bullshit.

If someone is an entitled little shit, it’s not because they’re a millennial, it’s because they’re an entitled little shit. I’ve met 20-year-olds that are ELSes, and I’ve met 60-year-olds that are ELSes. It’s not a generational thing.

Stop projecting societal frustrations on people who happened to be born in a different year than you, and realize that if you accept and address the real issues of societal change, we’re all better off."


Here's me reading literally all of these: