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    16 Times Millennials Clapped The Hell Back At Baby Boomers

    Someone had to tell baby boomers the truth.

    1. This young person was not having it with dumb critiques of millennial parents.

    New York Post / @DisneyCPT / Via

    2. This person had words for someone who said millennials are too sensitive.

    @mondoblando / Via

    3. This millennial had a great comeback to that tired "participation trophy" joke.

    adamamerica / Via

    4. This millennial had an A+ response to an article mocking young people for learning life skills.

    @MilliReview / Via

    5. This millennial let Time magazine know what's up.

    6. This millennial had some ~thoughts~ for a white dude who thinks privilege doesn't exist.

    @progressive_pol / Via

    7. This millennial was sick of being accused of "killing" industries.

    @actioncookbook / Via

    8. This millennial had no time for stupid questions.

    @commieberry / Via

    9. This person got a little sassy with a boomer who complained about "spoiled millennials."

    ttvalkyrie25 / Via

    10. This person clapped back at Debra after she attacked millennials' work ethic.

    dapper_enboy / Via

    11. This millennial pointed out the real reason young people are forced to move back in with their parents.

    @LystenToMe / Via

    12. This person told off a baby boomer who mocked millennial cooking skills.

    colossalcrunchberry / Via

    13. This young person proudly stood up for dumb millennial trends.

    alrod420 / Via

    14. This millennial roasted a boomer who called young people "snowflakes" for...wearing helmets.

    Hello_Im_the_world / Via

    15. This young person perfectly encapsulated all the flaws in boomer logic.


    16. And finally, this millennial put everything into perspective.

    GREYPLAT2 / Via

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