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Meryl Streep Sat Down With Anna Wintour, And They Made A Bunch Of "Devil Wears Prada" Jokes

"We're not going there, Meryl."

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And though Anna Wintour has called the film "entertaining," there are rumors that she really didn't like it at first. She attended the film's New York premiere, where she allegedly said the movie would go straight to DVD.


This brings us to present day, where Meryl Streep is on the December cover of Vogue.

Meryl Streep stars on the cover of our December issue! Read the full interview:

So Meryl sat down for a little face-to-face chat with the woman she once played. And it is easily the most iconic interview of 2017:

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The two go on to discuss much more serious topics, like sexism in Hollywood and the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The whole video is a must-watch.

View this video on YouTube

P.S. For those watching closely, you'll notice that Anna takes her sunglasses on and off a few different times throughout the interview. The woman knows her brand.

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