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    Meredith Blake From "The Parent Trap" Just Threatened To Send Every '90s Kid To Boarding School In Switzerland

    Evil AND funny.

    As any fan of The Parent Trap can tell you, Meredith Blake was THE ACTUAL WORST.

    She was a gold-digging, child-hating, lizard-eating ice queen. Sure, her style was undeniably on-point, but try naming a more evil villain in cinematic history. I'LL WAIT.

    Worst of all, she threatened to send Hallie and Annie off to boarding school in Switzerland once she married their dad. THE NERVE!

    So recently, this tweet about Meredith Blake went viral, since pretty much all children of the '90s could relate:

    And y'all...Meredith HERSELF (aka the actor who played her, Elaine Hendrix) actually responded to the tweet. Her message has shaken me to my CORE:

    Proving that all these years later, Meredith Blake still has NO REMORSE for her behavior.

    Fortunately, Elaine Hendrix seems a whole lot nicer than her Parent Trap alter ego. Like, look at this lovely video she posted recently that got me a little bit teary:

    You are loved. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #peace #love #bee

    Isn't that nice? Where was THAT Meredith on the camping trip???

    Thanks for being the most iconic '90s villain of all time..........Cruella.