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    Men Were Asked To Share Their Own Dating Deal Breakers, And Boy Did They Deliver

    Astrology, social media addiction, "cheating tests," and more.

    Yesterday, a popular Reddit thread asked men of the internet: "What are some deal breakers for a potential relationship, even if they’re very attractive?"

    The thread quickly went viral, as thousands of men started chiming in with their personal dating red flags. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Having absolutely no sense of accountability for their actions. Believe me, it is more common than you think."


    2. "Complaining about everything."


    3. "Lying, saying stuff about you behind your back, being mean to people for no reason, being fake."


    4. "Talking about exes too much, to the point of comparing the two of you. Big no-no for me."


    5. "Doesn’t let you have time to yourself, or their entire life revolves around you to the point that they suffocate you."


    6. "No 'testing' behavior. Be straightforward or I'll assume you're likely to instigate dumbshit drama. Honesty for honesty."


    7. "You know, astrology is one of those things where, you do you, but if you really believe that stuff, you and I are likely not a match. I read a horoscope for entertainment at times, but I don't blame my behavior, or assess my compatibility with someone, based on the random month I was born in."


    8. "If they are terrible with finances."


    9. "Any form of, 'If you can't handle me when I'm a sleaze bag piece of shit, then you don't deserve me when I'm a less sleazy piece of shit.' You know what, you're right. Later, man 👉."


    10. "Huge red flag when they ask you for every little detail when you've been somewhere without them, like out with friends. They basically accuse you of cheating, then get overly defensive and secretive, showing really strong cheater signs themselves."


    11. "The whole mindset of, 'I'm god's gift to Earth, I don't have to bring anything to the table, everyone wants me, I got options so I'm just going to treat you like an option and you better be happy about it.'"


    12. "Zero effort put into simple maintenance actions. Simply picking up after yourself is deferred repeatedly when it can be done and over in ten seconds."


    13. "Inflexible mind, or unwilling to learn new things or see other perspectives."


    14. "I avoid gossips. That overly judgmental, complaining attitude they have toward other people is what you will eventually get when you've been with them for a while. It's just who they are."


    15. "No sense of humor. Either a total lack of sense of humor, or an incompatible sense of humor with my own. I want to be able to laugh at the same stuff together."


    16. "Handles problems poorly. Meaning, will become very demanding or sullen. I need someone who is calm in stressful situations — life is full of huge problems that will need two people to deal with properly."


    17. "If they’re full of themselves. Can’t have someone who can’t joke and make fun of themselves, and bases life on how many likes they get on social media."


    18. "If they treat retail or service staff poorly for no reason. Big red flag."


    19. "If it was always their ex-partner who was the problem, and never ever themself, red flag for me big time."


    20. "Not being able to apologize. Everybody makes mistakes, doesn’t matter. Own up to it and I respect you even more. Seek excuses? Bye!"


    21. "They spend 90% of their free time sitting on their phone, but get annoyed when you play a few hours of PlayStation to relax."


    And finally...

    22. "If they have sexist expectations of men. For instance, being bisexual, but acting like guys being bisexual is gross and unmasculine. Or wanting emotional support, reassurance, and compliments, then acting like you're not a man for wanting the same. Or judging you for being vulnerable or having weaknesses. Sorry, not gonna live in a prison to fit your rigid view of what a man is, no matter how 'hot' you are."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.