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    Matthew McConaughey Hosted Virtual Bingo For A Senior Facility And It Is The Purest Thing You'll Ever See

    "We've got two winners!"

    Y'all. Matthew McConaughey is the most wholesome man on the planet.

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    People all across the world are quarantined right now due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — and senior citizens are of particular concern. They're more susceptible to fatalities if they become infected with COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Sadly, this means that many seniors have been forced to go into total isolation right now, with no visits from family or friends and no social events at their living facilities.

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    Well, Matthew McConaughey just found a way to help out in this crisis — by hosting a virtual bingo night for a senior facility in his home state of Texas.

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    McConaughey and his family spent their weekend calling out bingo numbers via video chat for The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living in Round Rock, Texas.

    Round Rock Senior Living

    And residents at the facility played along with the A-list actor from the safety of their rooms, to maintain safe social distancing.

    Round Rock Senior Living

    "We got a I-24, I-24..." McConaughey can be heard saying in a clip uploaded to Facebook. Two residents then call "bingo."

    Facebook: video.php

    "Oh...we've got two winners!" he says to cheers.

    Round Rock Senior Living

    And the residents of The Enclave also had a surprise for McConaughey to express their appreciation for his time.

    Round Rock Senior Living

    See, earlier this month, McConaughey tweeted a video where he urged folks to "take care of ourselves and each other." He talked about the importance of coming together and unifying in this time, and encouraged us all to "turn a red light into a green light."

    because every red light eventually turns green

    And after their bingo games were done, the residents of The Enclave came up with a cute way to honor that "green light" message.

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    "I wanted to say, from all of us, we want to continue to turn a red light into a green light," a worker at the facility told McConaughey.

    Facebook: video.php

    The residents then held up bright green cards, on which they'd written personal messages for McConaughey.

    Round Rock Senior Living

    (Special shoutout to this legend, who simply wrote, "Alright, alright, alright.")

    Round Rock Senior Living

    Here's me watching all this wholesome-as-heck content from home:


    You can check out a clip from McConaughey's bingo game below:

    Facebook: video.php