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Lori Loughlin's Daughters Just Broke Their Silence On Instagram At The Same Time

"My people ❤️"

As you're probably well-aware by now, Lori Loughlin was arrested back in March as part of a massive college admissions scam. She's accused of spending $500,000 in illegal bribes to get her two daughters into the University of Southern California and is now facing possible prison time.

Loughlin's daughters, Olivia Jade and Bella Giannulli, have been the subject of much scrutiny since the news first broke. They reportedly left USC after the arrest.

There have also been lots of rumors about a rift between Olivia Jade and her mother, with paparazzi catching Olivia moving out of the family's home.

And despite having huge followings on Instagram, both daughters have remained completely silent on social media in the wake of the scandal — until yesterday.

It was Lori's 55th birthday on Sunday, and on Monday, both of her daughters broke their Instagram silences to post "happy birthday" messages.

Olivia Jade posted a throwback picture, noting that she was "one day late":

Bella showed up in the comments of that post:

And Bella posted a picture of her own:

Which Olivia commented on, calling Bella and Lori "[her] people":

So what does it all mean? I don't know! Perhaps it's just a regular "happy birthday" post. Perhaps they're trying to put the rumors of family drama to rest. Perhaps it's a little of both.

And that's pretty much that on that! This really is the scandal that never ends.