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Here's Why Uber Drivers Should Never Be Allowed To Talk To Lorde Again

Her new song is called "Sober," and the story behind it is kinda interesting!

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So yesterday, Lorde made a ~very special announcement~.

also, check your streaming service at midnight. to celebrate the tour launching, i'm giving you one more new song. it starts with "S"... ⚡️

And true to her word, our Lorde and Savior hath blessed us with a BOP. It's called "Sober," and it deserves an immediate listen.

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But Lorde didn't just drop this new single and then walk away. This morning, she decided to tell us about it.

i wanna tell you about sober

And naturally, her fans were ready to listen.

As it turns out, Lorde came up with this incredible song in a damn UBER.

so the first inklings of sober came to me in the back of an uber, and then properly at jack and lena's kitchen table. i BOLTED to the studio

BTW, she's referring to Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham, who — fun fact! — are roommates.

See?! This is why Uber drivers shouldn't talk to you. THINK OF HOW MANY LORDE SINGLES WE COULD'VE HAD BY NOW.

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But seriously, if you wanna read her full story behind "Sober," check it out below:

i'll never forget writing the first demo it was like a trance i guided jack to the chords almost wordlessly with my hands on his shoulders

it was this really intense booming slow synth thing with a drum outro for ages then malay came thru on my birthday & cracked the code on it

came up with the "midnight, lose my mind" pitched sample on a sinfully hot day in palm springs and also started sober II that day as well

but this song was so important to me because it felt like pop music i hadn't heard before, this sprawling brass & strange vocal syncopation

& i think we expressed the emotions so purely- it's leaning & drawling, juvenile & triumphant - impressing someone then embarrassing urself

& that late-saturday-night declaration "WE PRETEND THAT WE JUST DON'T CARE / BUT WE CARE" tasted as fresh & new in my mouth as ice water

Lyft has yet to issue a response.


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