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    Liquor Store Employees Are Sharing Their Wildest Stories Of Underaged People Trying To Buy Alcohol, And OMG

    "Oh, that must be my twin brother’s license." 👀

    If you've ever worked at a liquor store, a gas station, or behind a bar, you've probably had the experience of turning away underaged teens looking to buy alcohol.

    So today, Reddit user FallingStar2016 posed a question to those employees: "What is the craziest instance of underaged kids trying to get booze you've ever encountered?"

    The thread quickly went viral, as cashiers, bartenders, and bouncers alike started sharing the wildest attempts at scoring booze they've ever witnessed. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Two guys tried to buy beer. I asked them for ID, they legit gave me their actual IDs. Like a vertical ID that had their DOB clearly making them underage. When I told them no, they were like 'Really man, can't you just be cool?' Like their whole strategy was to hope that the clerk would just be a cool guy. Hey, at least they were honest."

    2. "I had a guy come in to try to buy booze with an absolutely terrible fake tattoo (tattoos and alcohol have the same age restrictions here). I'm guessing he thought that if he had massive tribal tattoos down his arm we would just assume that he was old enough. He'd clearly done them with a felt tip pen, but it was a hot day so the sweat was making them drip down his arm."


    3. "This dude came in and tried to buy a handle of whiskey. Looked super young to me, like 14–15 max. He started telling me how he needs to get drunk because his wife just left him and his four kids behind...I ask to see his ID, he awkwardly pulls out his student ID from the local high school. I told him we couldn't sell him the liquor, but good luck with the four kids."


    4. "A guy came to the counter with a bottle of something. I asked him for ID, his reply was something like, 'Is this how you treat all your customers?' in some kind of tone like it was insulting to ask for ID. I said yes."

    5. "In college, I worked at a liquor and beer place adjacent to a grocery store. Lots of regulars and people from the neighborhood. For several weeks, I had been serving this one guy: pleasant, polite, early 20s, 6’4”, maybe 260 pounds. One day after he left, this older dude who was in line came up to the counter and said, 'You know that kid is only 16, right?' I couldn’t believe it. Apparently he rotates from store to store until he gets caught. Sure enough, next time he came in I asked for ID. He just said 'Goddammit' and stormed out of the store."


    6. "I worked at a store where the liquor closet was in back and you had to be 21 to go down the hallway to it. I check this one kid's ID and it’s obviously fake, I confiscate it and he’s like 'Whatever, douche.' Proceeds to walk back into the liquor closet, grab a fifth of shitty vodka, and place it on the counter then demand I sell it to him. My coworker and I were dying laughing at him."


    7. "Worked at a liquor store right outside of the university i was attending. Had a dude come in, had to be like 18–19. He comes up and gives me the ID of a guy i grew up with...I just started laughing."

    8. "In my club bouncer days, I once had a young lady hand me the ID of a different lady I just so happened to attend high school with. The look on her face when I told her that was priceless."


    9. "I used to work at a bar. A girl came in and gave me an ID. I asked if it was hers. She said yes. What she didn’t realize is that the purse she stole the day before, and the ID she was now using, belonged to one of the other bartenders. Calling her over to 'look at this' was a satisfaction I hadn’t felt before or since."


    10. "I worked in a liquor store for a few months back in 2001–2002. New Year’s Eve, kid comes through with an out-of-state ID, trying to buy a bottle of hooch. I look at it, and tell him he’s not old enough. He replied, 'Oh, that must be my twin brother’s license.'...He didn’t get the booze."

    11. At the gas station I worked at, this kid walks in — no way he's more than 16 — and heads straight to the beer cooler as my coworkers and I stare incredulously. He grabs a 12-pack and as he's approaching the counter, I ask 'Can I see your ID?' He looks me in the eye, says 'Nope,' drops a $20 on the counter and walks out. We weren't sure what to do after that, because he didn't exactly steal anything, but we also couldn't just accept the money, because that would be selling to a minor. I left it for my boss to figure out."


    12. "I was working behind a bar at a theme park. A kid who looked about 13 walked up to the bar and asked me for a beer. Of course, I asked him for ID. His response was 'I left it in my car with my wife.' Couldn’t serve him, but couldn't fault him for trying."


    13. "Former gas station employee...some kid, I think he was the kid of a judge or something, got access to the machine they use to make IDs and made his friends actual IDs with faked birthdates."

    14. "I wasn’t an employee, but when I was in school, the local liquor store had a wall of shame where they’d display confiscated fake IDs. One was a picture of a drivers license glued to a Blockbuster card."


    15. "Not a liquor store employee, but when I was in high school, one of my friends, a 16-year-old boy, went in and tried to use his mom’s ID, a 50-year-old woman."


    16. "Two guys came into my bar. Asked for ID. One showed me his ID and it showed him a few days past his 21st birthday. Second one handed me a paper temporary driver's license with no picture. Shockingly, it also showed him a few days past his 21st birthday. What a coincidence, they have the same birthday. Another coincidence, they had exactly the same name and the same address. I just laughed and was like, 'I can't take this.' Their excuse was that they were twin brothers and their parents had given them the same name."

    And finally, there was this response — not from an employee, but from a former teen:

    17. "Me and my friend used to put mascara on our blonde fluffy facial hair and buy beer. Worked every time."

    You can check out the full thread of responses here.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.