17 Utter Lies Your Server Will Tell You Without Batting An Eye

    It's time to come clean.

    1. "The special today is SO good."

    2. "Unfortunately, our espresso machine is broken."

    3. "Sorry, I'm not allowed to change the TV!"

    4. "Your baby is so cute!"

    5. "Follow me, I have a GREAT table for you guys."

    6. "Sorry, the system only lets me split the check two ways."

    7. "Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely talk to the chef about that."

    8. "Sorry, that table is reserved."

    9. "Oh, that dish you ordered that never showed up? It's coming right out!"

    10. "Sorry, the kitchen's a little slow today."

    11. "Sorry, we just ran out of [insert thing you want] a minute ago!"

    12. "I'll check with my manager to see if we can make an exception."

    13. "Oops, it looks like the kitchen got your order wrong."

    14. "Yes, it's organic."

    15. "[Insert menu item you asked about] is absolutely amazing!"

    16. "We're all out of that beer, sorry!"

    And finally...

    17. "Everything is homemade."