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    Kylie Jenner Posted A Photo With A Short Wig, And I Am Truly Baffled By How Much She Looks Like Kris

    This is eerie.

    Okay. So. Kylie Jenner just released her new line of cosmetics, called the Leopard Collection, and did a very leopard-themed ad campaign to promote it.

    One of the ads features a sequence in which Kylie wears a short, dark wig...seen mostly in silhouette:

    Double silhouette of Kylie in a short wig
    @kyliejenner / Via

    BUT. In behind-the-scenes images Kylie uploaded to her Instagram story, she showed the world exactly what she looks like with a pixie cut. And Y'ALL. She is the spitting image of her mom, Kris Jenner.

    Kylie as the someone puts the finishing touches on her wig
    @kyliejenner / Via Instagram: @kyliejenner

    Like, I know this is technically how genetics work and all, but COME ON. This is spooky.

    @kyliejenner / Via Instagram: @kyliejenner

    Here's a side-by-side for comparison:

    @kyliejenner / @kyliecosmetics / Via Instagram: @kyliejenner Instagram: @krisjenner

    And here's Kris right now, I would assume:


    Anyway. That's it. That's the whole post. Please go vote. Goodbye!