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Kylie Jenner Sent Stormi To Her First Day Of School With A $12,000 Hermès Backpack, And People Have Thoughts

"Stormi’s backpack alone could probably help me pay off some loans."

This is Kylie Jenner — reality star, makeup mogul, and depending on who you ask, maybe or maybe not a billionaire.

Angela Weiss / Getty Images

And this is Kylie's 2-year-old daughter, who she shares with Travis Scott, Stormi:

Well, today was Stormi's first day of school (home school, that is, since there's a pandemic and all).

And, like so many kids do on back-to-school morning, Stormi posed for a photo wearing her backpack, all ready for her first day of classes.

Stormi Webster wearing an Hermes backpack
@kyliejenner / Via Instagram

But unlike so many kids on back-to-school morning, Stormi's backpack was a $12,000 Hermès Kelly Ado bag 👀.

Stormi Webster wearing an Hermes backpack
@kyliejenner / Via Instagram

Kylie shared a snapshot of the bag this morning on her Instagram story. And suffice it to say, people had lots of thoughts:

First day of homeschool and stormi got her Kelly backpack on, I hate being poor

Wait is that an Hermès backpack for Stormi’s first day? And why am I so surprised?

I know Kylie did not send Stormi in a fucking Birkin backpack 😒😒😒 Lmfao my hating ass

On the one hand, Stormi's a very lucky kid...

Stormi on her way to school with her Hermès backpack. She will never know about a Jansport 😅

On the other hand...she's literally 2!!!

Stormi wearing a Hermès back pack for first day of school 🥺🥺 she’s 2

A few people questioned whether there were better possible ways to spend $12 grand than, say, buying a toddler a designer bag:

Stormi’s backpack alone could probably help me pay off some loans

While others were just openly jealous of the kid:

Hey @KylieJenner can you buy me a Hermès bag just like you did for stormi okay bye 💋

And, of course, some people just had jokes about the whole situation:

stormi going to her first day of home school with a Hermès backpack!!! She is either extremely glam or she wanted a trolls backpack.

So, what do YOU think of Kylie sending Stormi to her first day of school with that bag? Share your thoughts ’n feelings in the comments, please.

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