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    Kris Jenner Has A Life-Sized Wax Figure Of Herself In Her Living Room And We Must Discuss It

    I may never sleep again.

    My friends, yesterday was an absolutely HISTORIC day in America for two reasons: First, President Trump was impeached. Second — and just as importantly — Kris Jenner revealed the terrifying wax figure of herself that is now on display in her living room.

    Yes, you read that correctly. Kris Jenner had a life-sized wax figure of herself made — and it's not in a museum like other celebrity wax figures. This wax figure is just a mother-effing decoration IN HER HOUSE.

    It's extremely realistic...and also...extremely unsettling as far as home decor goes???

    It just sits in a corner...watching you. Judging you. Never moving. Never blinking.

    Kris introduced Wax Kris to the world last night on her Instagram story, in a video where she showed it off to a slightly befuddled Kim Kardashian.

    "This is insane..." Kim can be heard saying in the video. "Like,"

    Kim then shared an up-close-and-personal video of Wax Kris on her own Instagram, where she stroked its smooth face and remarked on how eerily accurate it is — down to every last wrinkle on her face.

    Kris also showed off the wax figure to her friend Chrissy Teigen, who pretty much just sat down and stared at it, unsure what to say.

    "...Does it have nipples?" was the only question she could muster.

    In the video, Kim notes that Kris dressed up her wax counterpart in her favorite Dolce and Gabbana tux. I guess once you've already had a wax figure of yourself made, it's not like you're gonna dress it in sweatpants.

    "I literally knew I was coming up here and I still got startled seeing this," Kim says in the video. "You guys have no idea how real this it's insane."

    "Like, I can't even tell how how creepy...and amazing...this is," she adds, while stroking its hair.

    Some people have houseplants or vases as home decor...Kris Jenner has a hyper-realistic, life-sized, fancily-dressed wax figure of herself. That's being rich for ya.