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    People Are Revealing The Sexual Experiences They Most Regret, And Some Wild Stories Were Shared

    "Me and my boyfriend ended up with ant bites all over our legs."

    This week, Reddit user u/OperaGhostAD posed a question to the internet: "What’s a sexual experience you thought you wanted, but realized during or after that you really didn’t?"

    The thread quickly went viral, as thousands of anonymous strangers started sharing their stories of kinks gone wrong. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Going out in public with one of those remote-controlled vibrators. The vibrating part kept shifting from where it should be while I was walking, and I was SO paranoid about it slipping out and falling out my pants leg, [so I couldn't] enjoy how it felt."


    2. "I was seeing this girl for a short amount of time. I am talking three dates. She asked me to come hang out at her place. We were in her room and started making out, and then she got my clothes off and said she would be right back... She comes back in a panda onesie. She is giggling, then climbs on top of me. She just keeps giggling. Needless to say I was not really turned on, and then she undoes a front flap and climbs on top... I think I would have felt better if we had discussed that first, but to spring it on me was weird."


    3. "Threesome in college. Everyone said, 'We won’t get weird about it.' THEY GOT WEIRD."


    Three sets of feet sticking out from under the covers in a bed

    4. "We were fooling around in the kitchen. Somehow or another chocolate syrup ended up on my dick. She removed it with her mouth. A lot more chocolate syrup entered the encounter. It was like being superglued together. It was horrible. We had to waddle, in unison, while I was inside of her, to the shower to use hot water to get it off of us. Seemed fun. It was not, at all."


    5. "Filming it. Those actors in the movies deserve some respect. We looked like two sea lions jumping on top of each other."


    6. "Hot wax. I thought I could take the pain because I like other kinds of stuff. However, it burned like a bitch and ended up spilling all over my bed. 0/10."


    Two burning candles

    7. "Almost [got] with two dudes on a wild spring break trip in Florida. It was hot up until they got their condoms on and the reality of what was happening hit. And then I freaked out a bit because I realized I didn’t want to go further. But I don’t think I even said stop; I think I just kind of froze and looked freaked out. I’ll never forget the gentle reassurance of the one young man. He quickly stopped, told the other dude, 'Hey man, it’s off,' and I wasn’t shamed or made to feel stupid or anything. We actually kept partying and partied the rest of the week together and had a great time."


    8. "A threesome with two other girls. I realized quickly that I am, in fact, very straight."


    9. "I asked my ex to scratch my back once. She clawed the shit out of me, and I was like, 'Actually, never do that again.'"


    A woman scratching a man's bare back in bed

    10. "Had sex on the Great Wall of China, at night under the stars. Was pretty romantic until we finished and realized there were workers cleaning the wall less than 20 feet from us, who definitely saw and heard us and were politely waiting for us to finish so they could do their jobs."


    11. "Scissoring. Sure, lesbian porn makes it look fun. And it’s fun to watch. But in practice, not so much, just awkward, and honestly, I didn’t feel anything."


    12. "Using honey. The instant it hit skin we were both like, 'Oh no, this is a mistake.'"


    Honey being scooped from a jar

    13. "Sex outside. Me and my boyfriend at the time ended up with ant bites all over our legs. We were drunk, and it was dark so we didn't realize at the time it was happening. I got it worse because I was laying down."


    14. "Sex on the beach. Sand everywhere."


    15. "Sex on a plane — in the middle of the night. Both snuck to the washroom. Apparently the 'clapping noise' was very audible and not as quiet at we both thought. $1,500 fine each, and a one-year ban from [the airline]."


    An airplane bathroom

    16. "If you ever get the bright idea that Pop Rocks and a blowjob might be is not. I mean, that shit tickled my sinuses enough to make me sneeze, and I sucked half of them directly into my nasal cavity before the fun ever got started."


    17. "Going to a swingers club. Found out I don’t like random men touching me or looking at me while I’m having sex."


    18. "Hot tub sex. Almost legit passed out."


    A couple in a hot tub kissing with wine

    19. "Group sex doesn’t smell as good as you might think."


    20. "Watersports. I still think it's hot, just not on me. Turns out my hatred of being wet overrides my kink."


    21. "Sex in the shower is not as fun as you might believe. Water increases friction. Tubs are uncomfortable on the knees and not quite big enough to comfortably try anything other than standing — which is precarious when the shower is running. Maybe if you had a huge tub, you could find a position that worked comfortably — but you’re still gonna run into the issue with water making friction worse."


    A shower with water running

    22. "Mirror in the room! My wife (5 feet, 100 pounds) put a vanity in our room with a big-ass mirror on it. When she put it there, I thought, 'Yeah this is going to be hot.' Until that night when things got frisky, and I looked over and saw me (6 feet, 235 pounds, and hairy) in what can only be described as some kind of animal mauling taking place. It looked like a frog f-ing a tadpole. I felt so bad for her. I made her move the vanity into the bathroom the next day. All thoughts of filming our sex nights have been removed from my brain."


    23. "Edging. I masturbated to it a lot. Finally experienced, and I have never been so pissed and frustrated in my life. Now it is one of my anti-kinks."


    24. "This woman wanted to restrain me. I thought, why not, could be hot; she seems to know what she’s doing. As soon as the handcuffs went on, I flipped the fuck out like a wild animal. It all surprised me. I was on a wooden chair, and it got all smashed up. She unlocked me, and it was instant relief. Now I know."


    Hands in handcuffs behind a chair

    25. "Being pegged. I absolutely love getting my ass ate, so I figured it's kinda where to go next from there. Watched porn of it, really hyped it up in my head, and got a strap-on for my girlfriend. We tried a couple of times, but it just never felt good. Didn’t hurt or anything, just was never physically enjoyable for either of us. Big letdown TBH."


    26. "Cuckolding. Tried it with my ex and realized it wasn't for me. Got crazy insecure after, and jealous."


    And finally...

    27. "That thing where you hang backward off of the bed and give head. Sounded super hot to me, so we decided to give it a go. About three seconds in, I realized my mistake and that there was absolutely nothing sexy about his balls smacking me in the eyes."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.