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    People Are Sharing The Kindest Things Strangers Have Done For Them And Trust Me, You Need This Today

    Let's all be good to each other.

    Let's face it: This world can be rough sometimes. But every now and then, you have an interaction with a stranger that reminds you how GOOD people can be.

    That's why writer Rachael Berkey posed a question to her Twitter followers: What's the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

    Rachael's tweet was inspired by this incredible story shared by Sammy Nickalls — about a woman who dropped everything to comfort her on a train.

    People soon began sharing heartwarming stories of their own. There was this woman who was helped down a mountain by a crew of total strangers:

    @bookoisseur I broke my tailbone while hiking in Cold Spring a couple years ago and a group of strangers literally carried me down a mountain (I don't even remember taking this pic because I was in so much pain but look how nice these folks are!)

    And this person who received a very warm welcome to their new country:

    This woman was helped by some manicurists in a terrifying moment:

    This person will never forget the kindness they received at a local Dunkin' Donuts:

    This woman got a little help from a stranger when she was caught in the rain:

    This mom shared a story of a stranger who bought her gas during a tough time:

    There were actually a few stories of strangers reaching out to help a mom in need:

    This student finally got the words of encouragement they desperately needed — from a stranger on a bus:

    This person was lucky to have some kind-hearted strangers around when they fainted in a crosswalk:

    This person received a lovely surprise in the mail when they had to give their dog up for adoption:

    And it looks like even Julianna Margulies is getting in on the strangers-helping-strangers action:

    So, do YOU have a story of a kind stranger helping you out? Share 'em in the comments, because I think we could ALL use a little optimism right now.

    And remember, folks: Be good to each other!