Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Got Into An Actual Physical Brawl And The Footage Is...A Lot To Process

    Punches AND drinks got thrown.

    Folks, I know the world is on fire and maybe Kardashian drama isn't what you care about right now — but if you want to distract yourself for a few minutes with footage of Kim and Kourtney getting into a full-blown physical brawl, well, you're in the right place. Here we go!

    A trailer for the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians just dropped, and it looks like the upcoming season will focus largely on rising tensions between Kim and Kourtney.

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    In the clip, we see an argument between the sisters quickly escalate into an actual, physical fight, with both punches and beverages thrown.

    "I will f*ck you up, you literal c*nt," Kourtney says in the clip, and then whips her coconut water at Kim's head.

    Kim then leaps up from her seat and punches Kourtney, while Khloe begs them to stop.

    There's some sort of karate kick moment, which Khloe tries to intervene on...

    ...and then more punching and slapping in a dark hallway. It sort of seems like the fight went on for a long time??? Unclear.

    The dramatic clip then cuts to Khloe, inexplicably dressed as Kris Jenner, who tells viewers to tune into the season to see how the fight ends.

    It's not clear what exactly the two sisters were fighting about, or if they're on better terms now — but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

    You can check out the full KUWTK teaser below:

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