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Posted on Nov 26, 2017

Kim Kardashian Shared A Picture Of Her Fancy Ice Cubes And Twitter Was A Little Grossed Out

"As an ice chewer I'm traumatized."

Okay, people. Let's settle a debate happening on Twitter right now.


Yesterday, Kim Kardashian tweeted a photo of the ice cubes from her baby shower. But they're not just any old ice cubes, because of kourse they aren't.

No, these ice cubes have ROSES frozen inside them.

People had questions.

@KimKardashian So when it melts, you're gonna have dead flowers floating in your drink? Girl.

Like, what if you accidentally eat the freaking flower???

As an ice chewer I'm traumatized

Some people just had no clue what they were looking at.

@KimKardashian Everyone's hyping this up but i'm completely lost, I have no idea what this is

Genuinely thought this was supposed to be a womb/placenta like thing 😂

But the rose-filled ice was not without its supporters.

@KimKardashian These are so beautiful! Go with the cherry blossom theme 😍

@KimKardashian this some extra shit but i love it

They bravely defended the rose ice from all the haters.

@Mags506 @jenniferayissi @KimKardashian Idk..I mean there is such thing like edible roses...

@Audrialltheway @chrstvphr @KimKardashian If u think about it, It’s the same as having mint in a mojito.. won’t kill em

But people were not buying their explanations.

@StrawberryGia @Mags506 @jenniferayissi @KimKardashian Yes, there are edible rose petals, but wants an entire rose…

And then, in one small corner of the internet was this beautiful human, who — bless their heart — asked Kim Kardashian for the recipe for ice.

@KimKardashian So cute! How did you make them?!

(Honestly, it's a valid question. But it still made me laugh.)

  1. Rose ice. How do we feel?

    Rose ice. How do we feel?

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Rose ice. How do we feel?
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