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Kim Kardashian Has Officially Had It With Caitlyn Jenner And She Doesn't Care Who Knows

"If you talk about my dad, I will cut you."

Back in the good old days of 2016, Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner were still on good terms, despite Caitlyn's divorce from Kris. But alas, those days are gone.

The main source of their drama? Caitlyn released a tell-all book this spring, The Secrets of My Life, and said a bunch of things that pissed the Kardashians off.

Since the book's release, both Caitlyn and Kim have indicated that their relationship is strained. But in a just-released preview for an upcoming episode of KUWTK, we see what actually was going down behind the scenes of #BookGate.

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In the clip, Kim reacts to a passage from the book in which Caitlyn says some shady shit about Kim's late father, Robert Kardashian.

And then Kim goes OFF.

"It is so shady that Caitlyn came over and gave me the book, and then on the phone she said, 'Well, the final version has a few more things in it. But don't worry, it's nothing about you.' So she lied to me. 'Cause that is about me if it's about our dad."

"If you talk about my dad, I will cut you," she then says in a confessional interview.

"I've always had Caitlyn's back. But she is a liar. She is not a good person."