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    Posted on Oct 21, 2017

    So Uh, Justin Bieber Just Got A Tattoo That Covers His Entire Torso

    He's clearly not afraid of needles.

    So, you know Justin Bieber.

    And you probably also know Justin Bieber's torso. It's one of the best things about him!

    Well, Justin made a ~surprising reveal~ on his Instagram this morning. His torso now looks like this:

    Pretty much every single inch of it is tattooed with A LOT of black ink, except, like, his nipples and belly button???


    He also posted a video where he struts around his house showing off the fresh tattoo — all while blasting some gospel music in the background. Sound ON if you wanna feel the spirit!!!!

    He concludes the video by briefly, wordlessly showing us his pool. Neat!

    Back to this torso tattoo, though: How badly did that thing hurt? What, exactly, is the tattoo depicting? And does he realize it is now much more difficult for us to see his abs???

    But whatever. You gotta live your truth, JB.

    ONE LAST THING WHILE I HAVE YOU: Let's take a brief moment to appreciate the items Justin Bieber keeps in his bathroom.

    Old Spice body spray, Chips Ahoy cookies, half-drank OJ and coconut water, deodorant, a Ghirardelli square, assorted toiletries, and a spoon. Also, he stores his toothbrush in the sink, apparently.

    Never change, Biebs! Never change.

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