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Julie Andrews Revealed How They Shot This Iconic "Sound Of Music" Scene And The Story Is Equally Insane And Charming

She got SLAMMED TO THE GROUND by a helicopter.

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The story involves a young Julie Andrews repeatedly getting slammed to the ground by a helicopter and, well, you should really just watch the video because it's Julie Freaking Andrews and she's perfect:

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Basically, in order to get that big, sweeping shot, the production team strapped a cameraman to the side of a helicopter, and the aircraft would swoop through the mountains and fly right up to Julie. But according to Ms. Andrews, it's not so easy to act when you've got a massive helicopter flying right past your head:

And every time the helicopter finished, it went around me — but the downdraft from the jet engines just flung me into the grass. And so we did this about six or seven times, and I was spitting dirt and hay and things like that.