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    Here's What JoJo Siwa Had To Say About Her Makeup Containing Asbestos

    "I put my trust into other people's hands."

    You know JoJo Siwa — YouTube star, singer, and seller of brightly colored paraphernalia.

    JoJo just had a bit of a ~scandal~ with her makeup line. Specifically, the FDA found asbestos in the makeup kits she was selling at Claire's.

    What's asbestos, you ask? Well, it's a mineral used for things like insulation and car brakes, and it can cause some serious diseases, including cancer. So, not exactly what you want to find in makeup meant for kids.

    Claire's issued a recall of the makeup kits, but JoJo herself did not respond to the controversy...until yesterday.

    Today, the FDA is releasing new results from its continued testing of cosmetic products for asbestos & is warning consumers to not use 2 additional products that have tested positive for asbestos & have been recalled

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    In a video titled "My Makeup," JoJo acknowledged the asbestos in her makeup line — although she did have to get some giggles out first.

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    "I was gonna start this video all serious and dramatic but that's not who I am," she said, laughing. "That's not what this video is about."

    She then addressed the controversy head-on:

    Recently it has been brought to my attention that there has been a problem with one of my products in Claire's stores. With one of the JoJo makeup products. And I just want to let everyone know that no matter what, safety is myself and Nickelodeon's number one priority in everything.

    "This product is something that, with a lot of things, I put my trust into other people's hands," she said.

    She offered full refunds to any customers who bought the product:

    We are working really, really, really hard to make sure that this product is recalled and off all shelves. And also that anyone who has this product can get a refund no matter what it is. If it's used, if it's unused, you can get a full refund.

    "It is serious to me, and it means a lot to me because it is my name, and it is my brand, and it is my face — quite literally," she said.

    You can check out her full statement here:

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