Joe Biden Just Took Over Trump's @POTUS Twitter And Used It To Issue A Tweet That Was Actually...Presidential

    Biden used Trump's old @POTUS account to issue a tweet that was actually...presidential.

    President Joe Biden was just inaugurated and is now our nation's 46th POTUS.

    President Biden delivering his Inaugural address

    And as part of that ceremonial transition of power, Donald Trump's @POTUS account was officially taken away from him and handed over to President Biden.

    Trump, of course, already lost access to his personal Twitter account a few weeks ago, after he used it to incite terrorism at the US Capitol. But even after that ban, Trump still had his @POTUS account — until today.

    Trump-supporting insurrectionists breaching the Capitol

    As soon as Biden was sworn in, he took over the @POTUS handle and sent out the first presidential tweet we've seen in several years:

    There is no time to waste when it comes to tackling the crises we face. That's why today, I am heading to the Oval Office to get right to work delivering bold action and immediate relief for American families.

    Twitter: @POTUS

    Trump, meanwhile, officially has no more accounts on Twitter. Sad!

    Trump waving goodbye as he boards Marine One on the White House lawn

    It's worth noting that Biden's takeover of the @POTUS account means the follower count is reset. So if you'd like official updates from the Biden administration moving forward, be sure to follow @POTUS, @VP, @FLOTUS, and @WhiteHouse.

    Congratulations to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris!