Jimmy Fallon Is Facing Backlash After An Old "SNL" Sketch He Did In Blackface Resurfaced On Twitter

    The hashtag #JimmyFallonIsOverParty is trending.

    Last night on Twitter, an old clip of Jimmy Fallon doing blackface on Saturday Night Live went viral, along with hashtag #JimmyFallonIsOverParty.

    In the clip from 2000, Jimmy wears blackface while doing an impression of Chris Rock on Regis Philbin's talk show.

    #jimmyfallonisoverparty if ur trying to see what he did

    "NBC fired Megyn Kelly for mentioning blackface," the clip notes, referring to the 2018 controversy in which she defended blackface Halloween costumes on air. "Jimmy Fallon performed on NBC in blackface."

    On Twitter, people are calling out Jimmy for the resurfaced sketch.

    I know I did not just open Twitter and see that Jimmy Fallon did blackface in 2000. Nobody is safe from Twitter when we got this much time in our hand. First Lana, then Doja cat, and now Jimmy Fallon. Please let me catch my breathe. #jimmyfallonisoverparty

    Many are horrified by the video.

    Me seeing the video of Jimmy Fallon in blackface #jimmyfallonisoverparty

    Some find the timing of the news particularly troubling, as Lana Del Rey and Doja Cat both just faced their own allegations of racist behavior.

    first lana, then doja, and now JIMMY FALLON?? chile let me BREATHE it's barely fucking tuesday- #jimmyfallonisoverparty

    Many are calling for the Tonight Show host to be "canceled."

    me finishing doja cat’s live only to find out jimmy fallon is being cancelled now #jimmyfallonisoverparty

    Some people shared their memories of feeling uncomfortable when the Chris Rock sketch initially aired back in 2000.

    I forgot about those Jimmy Fallon sketches; I don't know why. I definitely remember us thinking it was a hot ass mess. Back then, comedians and sketch shows coasted on the idea that they should get a creative pass for being racist because acting and "art."

    Others feel like Saturday Night Live itself should bear the brunt of the blame.

    So how are we gonna cancel jimmy fallon for doing blackface but not cancel Saturday night live for letting him do that and giving him a platform? #jimmyfallonisoverparty

    And many Twitter users are now taking the opportunity to call out other actors and comedians who've worn blackface in the past:

    If you're mad that Jimmy Fallon dressed up in blackface for one episode to do an impersonation of Chris Rock... then you're really gonna have a issue with Fred Armisen who did the same w/his Obama impersonation... FOR YEARS. For the record, the media never had a problem w/this.

    Like hell Im gonna let Jimmy Fallon get cancelled for blackface and watch Jimmy Kimmel emerge unscathed

    lay off Jimmy Fallon, Robert Downey Jr did the same and no one said shit #jimmyfallonisoverparty


    In a statement posted to Twitter, Jimmy has apologized for his "unquestionably offensive decision" to do blackface. You can read that statement here.