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    This Game Show Host Mistakenly Told A Contestant His Answer Was Correct And Things Got Awkward Fast

    "I'm not even gonna look at the screen. That is the correct answer!"

    This is Jeremy Clarkson β€” British TV presenter, and current host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? in the UK.


    Clarkson had a ~rather embarrassing~ gaffe on Friday's show, when a contestant answered a question wrong β€” but Clarkson mistakenly told him he got it right.


    The question was about what, exactly, an ibex is. The contestant wasn't entirely sure, but "slightly hesitantly" guessed it was a deer.


    And here's where things get reeeeeeal awk: Clarkson was so sure the contestant was right, he didn't even bother to double-check.


    "I'm not even gonna look at the screen. That is the correct answer!" Clarkson said, to big applause.


    But then Clarkson DID look at the screen, and realized the contestant was actually...very wrong!


    "Oh no, you've just lost 15,000 pounds," Clarkson said.


    That's just over 20,000 USD. Yikes!

    He then tried to debate with someone offstage about it...but alas.


    "But you do go home with 1,000 pounds," he said.


    "Barely enough to afford the airfare," he added.

    Meanwhile, the contestant looks like he just wants to GTFO of there:


    You can watch the entire awkward exchange go down here:

    OH DEER OH DEER!! That moment when you definitely know the answer, except you don't. 😬😬😬 #Awks 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 #Millionaire @MillionaireUK

    PS: For the record, this is an ibex:

    Porojnicu / Getty Images

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