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    Reese Witherspoon And Jennifer Aniston Recreating Their "Friends" Scene Is Everything I Needed Today

    "Do you remember your line?"

    Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are about to release a new Apple TV+ show together, The Morning Show, and naturally, everyone is very excited.

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    But TRUE fans know that this is not the first time Reese and Jen have worked together: The two played sisters on Friends when Reese had a guest role in 2000.

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    So in a new interview with Access, the former Green sisters were shown an image from their Friends days — and they immediately slipped back into character, recreating Reese's favorite line from her episodes.

    "Is this [the scene] where you say the line that you love so much?" Jennifer asks Reese.

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    "Well, we could say the lines," Reese suggests. "Do you remember your line?"


    Jennifer does not remember her line — to be fair, she's done quite a few more episodes of Friends than Reese has — so Reese quietly reminds her.


    "You can't have Ross!" Jennifer then yells at Reese.


    "Can't have? Can't have?! The only thing I can't have is dairy," Reese responds, very proud of herself for remembering.


    Needless to say, I am UNSPEAKABLY excited for the Green sisters to finally make their TV return.

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    You can watch their full interview with Access below:

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