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Bella Hadid Honored Kendall Jenner's Birthday By Posting A Picture Of The Two Of Them In A Fight

Happy birthday, Kendall.

Kendall Jenner turned 22 this week, so naturally, her dear friend Bella Hadid wanted to mark the occasion on social media.

Now, BACK IN MY DAY, friends would honor each other's birthdays by writing on their Facebook wall, or maybe sharing a cute throwback on Instagram. It was a simpler time!

But Bella decided to go a more ~alternative~ route for her BFF...

...And posted a picture of the two supermodels in an actual, screaming fight on her Instagram story. Okay!

Like, look at their faces!!! Their hands!!!! Whatever it is they're fighting about, they're MAD.

"This is a real life picture that @sweetboydaniel took of kj and I yelling at each other," Bella captioned the pic.

"But we made up 5 minutes later so it's all good."

(For the record, Bella also shared a much more ~conventional~ birthday post and it was extremely cute.)

Kids these days, I tell ya!!!