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    21 Of The Most Wholesome, Heartwarming, And Tearjerking Things People Did For Total Strangers This Year

    Humans can actually be pretty awesome sometimes.

    1. This man who braved a torrential downpour to help some kids fix their bikes:

    2. This garbage-truck driver who made sure to keep a sweet neighborhood tradition alive while he went on vacation:

    3. This customer at a hair salon who did something really sweet for a stranger in the chair next to her:

    4. This town in Illinois that came together to sew face masks for a town in Alaska in dire need:

    "Saw on Reddit and Facebook that rural Alaskans are in need of masks. ... There are about 440 masks here that my community in northern Illinois were able to put together. Thank you for helping to get these to people in need, wherever they are."

    5. This anonymous neighbor who did something awesome for a local kid after their scooter got stolen:

    6. This boss who helped a new employee get back on his feet:

    7. This hotel clerk who went above and beyond to help a total stranger land a job:

    8. These kids who made their dad stop the car to help a neighbor in need:

    9. This hiker who went the extra mile to make sure a stranger got their keys back:

    10. And this hiker who found and returned a purse that was missing for decades:

    11. This stranger who took some time out of his day to alert his neighbor to possible danger:

    12. These electricians who did something awesome for their customer's inquisitive little kid:

    13. This person whose small donation to a stranger ended up making a major difference:

    14. This guy who set up a booth on the side of the road where any stranger can stop if they need to talk to someone:

    15. This person who left out handmade hats and scarves in their community to keep neighbors warm:

    16. And these neighbors who set up a makeshift food bank for anyone in need on their front lawn:

    17. This woman who paid for a stranger's groceries after his card was declined:

    18. This man who goes out of his way to care for an elderly neighbor:

    19. This taxi driver who made sure a little girl got home safely:

    20. And this taxi driver who helped a cancer patient get to her treatments every day:

    21. And finally, this bakery owner who provides for their community, regardless of whether or not they can pay:

    H/T: r/HumansBeingBros.