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19 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "So THAT'S What That Looks Like"

You've always wondered, and now you'll know.

1. Ever wondered what the inside of a tube of toothpaste looks like?

2. How about the inside of a gas pump?

3. Or the inside of a Keurig cup?

4. Did you know how big fire hydrants actually are once you take them out of the ground?

5. Have you ever stopped to consider what all those tissues look like when they're inside the box?

6. How about the inside of a fire alarm — did you know it's just a teeny lil' switch?

7. This is what the inside of a Redbox machine looks like:

8. If you cut open a soccer ball, here's what you'll find:

9. Have you ever even thought about what's inside a golf ball before?

10. Here's the weight that's placed inside bowling balls:

11. And here's what a bowling pin looks like after you strip away the outer layer:

12. If you crack open a Magic 8 Ball, this is the die you'll find inside:

13. If you've ever wondered what that noise is when you shake a can of spray paint, it's this:

14. Here's what the inside of a soda dispenser looks like:

15. And here's what the inside of a Cup of Noodles looks like:

16. Here are the innards of a pool table:

17. Did you know that US quarters even HAVE insides? They're copper-colored!

18. The inside of a guitar kind of looks like a room you could hang out in:

19. And finally, did you know that ATMs could open up like this? Now ya do!