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19 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "So THAT'S What That Looks Like"

You've always wondered, and now you'll know.

1. Ever wondered what the inside of a tube of toothpaste looks like?

2. How about the inside of a gas pump?

LoIIip0p / Via

3. Or the inside of a Keurig cup?

Thepunk28 / Via

4. Did you know how big fire hydrants actually are once you take them out of the ground?

zenerat / Via

5. Have you ever stopped to consider what all those tissues look like when they're inside the box?

dgoldstein38 / Via

6. How about the inside of a fire alarm — did you know it's just a teeny lil' switch?

Silentwisdom91 / Via

7. This is what the inside of a Redbox machine looks like:

connorappleby / Via

8. If you cut open a soccer ball, here's what you'll find:

9. Have you ever even thought about what's inside a golf ball before?

Cladop / Via

10. Here's the weight that's placed inside bowling balls:

elmielmosong / Via

11. And here's what a bowling pin looks like after you strip away the outer layer:

ErmehgerdMerker / Via

12. If you crack open a Magic 8 Ball, this is the die you'll find inside:

MC_USS_Valdez / Via

13. If you've ever wondered what that noise is when you shake a can of spray paint, it's this:

Nocturnal_Majesty / Via

14. Here's what the inside of a soda dispenser looks like:

MrLozy8 / Via

15. And here's what the inside of a Cup of Noodles looks like:

16. Here are the innards of a pool table:

Adzz2707 / Via

17. Did you know that US quarters even HAVE insides? They're copper-colored!

IReadItOnReddit69 / Via

18. The inside of a guitar kind of looks like a room you could hang out in:

Flashway1 / Via

19. And finally, did you know that ATMs could open up like this? Now ya do!

Morktorknak / Via

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