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I Rewatched The Pilot Of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" And It's Actually Insane

A lot can change in 13 seasons.

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On Oct. 14th, 2007, E! premiered Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a reality show about a nice little family living in Calabasas, California. Perhaps you've heard of it.

Ten years later, KUWTK is still going strong, filled with stories of private planes, Met Galas, Vogue cover shoots, and trips to Versailles. But back in 2007, the show was a little bit, well, different.


3. We're then treated to an opening sequence that puts The Brady Bunch to SHAME. Highlights include Khloé complaining about the fan on set...


9. Kourtney and Scott get in a fight about their BlackBerries, because again, it's 2007.


Scott doesn't want her to look at her phone during dinner, and teases her for always wanting to "contact [her] wireless server."


10. The next day, Kourtney and Scott make up, while Kris spies through a window. Kris then reveals to camera that — gasp! — she suspects Scott is cheating.


15. Kim gives her parents the perfect anniversary gift — one that totally says, "Thank you for raising me." It's a stripper pole!


BTW, that's Kim learning some tricks with Robin Antin, creator of the Pussycat Dolls.

18. Kris confronts Scott at the party about her cheating suspicions. "I'M WATCHING YOU," she tells him. This would later become the name of the damn episode, so you know she means business.


21. And back in California, Kris finally tells Kourtney that — gasp! — she thinks Scott is cheating. Kourtney's like, "Nah," and Kris IMMEDIATELY backs down and apologizes.

22. Kim leaves her Tyra interview, and decides to go jewelry shopping. She tries on a 42-karat ring worth $1.2 million. The whole scene feels kinda ominous now, considering what happened to her in Paris last fall. Pretty nice ring, though.

23. And the episode ends back in Calabasas, with Kim telling her mom about the Tyra interview. Kris is eating a salad, and — loudest gasp of all! — it's NOT one of their famous Health Nut salads. It even looks...possibly homemade?!

So yeah, the Kardashians may have gotten a little bit ~fancier~ over the past 13 seasons. But they've been killing the reality TV game since 2007, and their completely batshit pilot episode proves it.

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