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Ice-T Tweeted That He's Never Eaten A Bagel And It Quickly Escalated Into An Actual Fight

This is a wild ride.

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You know Ice-T.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

And you know bagels.

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But did you know that Ice-T has never eaten a bagel? Well, thanks to a big fight that just broke out on Twitter, now you do!

White people.. Don’t lose your Fn minds because I’ve never eaten a Bagle.. Take it easy.... lol

It all started when a fan of Law & Order: SVU tweeted a VERY important question about last night's episode:

Dear @FINALLEVEL : Why a Cinnamon Raisin bagel?

To which Ice-T replied:

Lol.. That’s what they wrote...

And when another fan asked what Ice-T's favorite bagel is, he dropped a major bombshell:

Lol. I’ve never eaten a Bagel in my life...

Some fans did not believe Ice-T at first, since they had just seen him eat a bagel on television. But Ice-T had answers.

Lol. TV is make believe.

Other fans took the opportunity to share that they ALSO had never eaten a bagel. Ice-T was able to bond with these fans over their shared non-experience:

My Brother!!!!

But unfortunately, what came next was a BITTER fight between bagel fans and Ice-T.

Twitter must be bored as F today....

The fight escalated rather quickly.

Right! It’s like I said “I hate anyone who eats Bagels!” Lol these MFs...

Ice made it clear that he would NOT be intimidated by the haters.

If you think I give a fuck... You gotta be new....

Insults were hurled.

That’s because you have no life..

It was a lot to take in.

And you should Eat a Dick.

Again, all of this is because Ice-T has never eaten a bagel!!!

And you win the Dumbfuck Tweet of the day award 🥇

The word "dumbfuck" actually got thrown around a lot. Over bagels!

Oh... So I’m the problem Dumbfuck?

Ice-T was taking no prisoners.

Someone tried to shame him for not eating bagels when he plays an NYC police offer — but Ice was NOT having it.

lol. What’s that got to do with Fn Bagels?

And he wasn't done there! Ice-T also took this opportunity to reveal that he's never had coffee.

I’ve never drank a cup of Coffee ☕️ either... Go CRAZY!!!

And that he's never seen the film E.T.

All good! I’ve never seen ET.

Anyway. This has been a lot for all of us to process. Thanks for taking the ride with me. I'll end this on a happy note. Peace is possible!!!

I do like jelly doughnuts!

P.S. In case you were wondering, Vulture did a Very Important Investigation into this matter and it turns out Ice-T did not ever put that SVU bagel into his mouth. His story checks out!

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