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19 Hipster Bars That Definitely Out-Hipstered Themselves

Just give me a GLASS.

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1. Listen up, hipster bars of the world, because we need to talk. Please stop serving your drinks in things that are not cups!

ikeagoddess100 / Via

2. And I mean real cups, not measuring cups.

TheUnspokenTruth / Via

3. Because when I go to a bar and order a drink, I really don't want it to come in a take-out container.

harryofthehendersons / Via

4. Who wants to sip their cocktail out of a damn seashell???

Phaedrus1024 / Via

5. Or a lightbulb????????

6. Or a...frozen pepper?????

Dungeonmeat / Via

7. Look, I'm not saying these drinks aren't fun! They are, and I appreciate the effort! But how the hell am I supposed to drink out of a miniature bathtub?

cocolapuff / Via

8. Or a camera lens???

Miss_Twiss / Via


kirkichi / Via

10. And it just seems like a whole lot of effort for not much payoff! Take this drink for example. It's a plastic bag tied with a ribbon and then suspended from a metal frame. HOW IS THAT BETTER THAN A GLASS?

lianatakisah / Via

11. I don't want to drink from a garbage can! I just don't!

Schooney123 / Via

12. If I ordered a beer and received it in a bowl, I would be very sad.

MrTibbs25 / Via

13. Fry baskets are for french fries, not Bloody Marys!

I_Crush_Your_Head / Via

14. And clay pots are for gardening. We don't need to drink out of them.

bevoid / Via

15. In fact, this poor customer was served a drink out of a clay pot that *literally* say "not for food use." AHEM.

wonderstrum / Via

16. So please, hipster bars of the world, put away your leather drawstring pouches.

mylittleswampduck / Via

17. Keep your pots and pans in the kitchen where they belong!

Luminicity / Via

18. Put your garbage in the garbage!!! Stop serving it to guests!

lazl0H011yfeld / Via

19. Because this madness MUST come to an end. Thank you.

Zick2000 / Via

H/t to r/wewantcups