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    19 Hipster Bars That Definitely Out-Hipstered Themselves

    Just give me a GLASS.

    1. Listen up, hipster bars of the world, because we need to talk. Please stop serving your drinks in things that are not cups!

    2. And I mean real cups, not measuring cups.

    3. Because when I go to a bar and order a drink, I really don't want it to come in a take-out container.

    4. Who wants to sip their cocktail out of a damn seashell???

    5. Or a lightbulb????????

    6. Or a...frozen pepper?????

    7. Look, I'm not saying these drinks aren't fun! They are, and I appreciate the effort! But how the hell am I supposed to drink out of a miniature bathtub?

    8. Or a camera lens???

    9. OR A CEREAL BOX???

    10. And it just seems like a whole lot of effort for not much payoff! Take this drink for example. It's a plastic bag tied with a ribbon and then suspended from a metal frame. HOW IS THAT BETTER THAN A GLASS?

    11. I don't want to drink from a garbage can! I just don't!

    12. If I ordered a beer and received it in a bowl, I would be very sad.

    13. Fry baskets are for french fries, not Bloody Marys!

    14. And clay pots are for gardening. We don't need to drink out of them.

    15. In fact, this poor customer was served a drink out of a clay pot that *literally* say "not for food use." AHEM.

    16. So please, hipster bars of the world, put away your leather drawstring pouches.

    17. Keep your pots and pans in the kitchen where they belong!

    18. Put your garbage in the garbage!!! Stop serving it to guests!

    19. Because this madness MUST come to an end. Thank you.

    H/t to r/wewantcups