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    21 Pictures That Prove High School Teachers Have The Craziest Job In The World

    Anyone with the patience to teach these kids is the real MVP.

    High school teachers. They see a lot of crazy stuff.

    1. This kid somehow tricked the school into changing the name on his student ID.

    2. This teen brought a real-life date as a date to her senior prom.

    3. This kid somehow convinced the school he had a twin and got himself in the yearbook twice.

    4. This kid had Jimmy John's his own high school graduation.

    5. This guy pulled out a pillow and went to sleep right in the middle of class.

    6. This student in an English language class thought he was real slick using an online translator to do his homework, but...

    7. Meanwhile, this teen found a slightly more subtle way to cheat on their test.

    8. And this student...well, where to even begin?

    9. Even when teens AREN'T cheating, they're finding all sorts of ways to twist the rules. Like this kid, who found a brilliant workaround for the "one notecard" rule during tests.

    10. This teen handed in their assignment on bananas because there was ~technically~ no rule saying it had to be written on paper.

    11. This student kept a tally of every single word she wrote in the margin — because heaven forbid she do a few words more than necessary.

    12. And then there's this kid, who really tested the limits of how short a short story can be.

    13. It doesn't matter how hard you try to take away a student's devices. They'll always find a way.

    14. Like, they'll resort to prison tactics if they have to.

    15. Speaking of prison tactics, here's what happens if you take junk food out of the school cafeteria.

    16. And then there are the pranks. This teacher got rick-rolled just by intercepting a note passed in class.

    17. These teens surprised their teacher with a ~brand new office~.

    18. This student was very productive in the computer lab.

    19. While this student really took advantage of the World Book collection at their library.

    20. And nobody could top these kids, who paid a mariachi band to follow their principal around for four hours.

    21. But even the sassiest teens have their sweet moments — like this cake, which was given to a teacher on the last day of school.

    And that's the stuff that makes the job worth it.