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Henry Cavill Threw A Thanksgiving Feast Exclusively For His American Dog

"I figured it only proper that he have a Thanksgiving treat!"

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Possibly the greatest invention of the 21st century has been Henry Cavill's Instagram. On this we can agree!

When he's not posting pictures of his RATHER PERFECT chest hair, he's sharing shots of his adorable Akita named Kal.

So, yesterday was Thanksgiving. And since Henry Cavill is British, he didn't PERSONALLY have a reason to celebrate. But...

It turns out his big beautiful son was born in the US. So, out of respect for Kal's culture, Henry Cavill threw him a mini Thanksgiving feast with a raw chicken.

"While I am not American, my faithful bear is not only American in name but was indeed born in Arkansas so I figured it only proper that he have a Thanksgiving treat!" he captioned the post.

"Pretty sure a full turkey might have been a bit much so I went with a chicken.... Happy Thanksgiving to you all!"

He added a quick PSA that the raw chicken was for the dog only, cuz even Superman can get salmonella:

P.S I did not actually eat any of the raw chicken...I was just there for moral support. Kids...don't eat raw chicken.


And by "dad" I mean "daddy" and by "daddy" I mean "zaddy."

Henry Cavill is.........the perfect man. Here's one more pic of his chest hair for the road:


Henry's dog's name is Kal, not Bear! The author deeply regrets this error and wishes he could give Kal a treat to say sorry.

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