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    28 Weird Things You Never Noticed About "Harry Potter" But You'll Never Be Able To Unsee Now

    In all seven books, Harry Potter only bathes once.

    If you're like me, Harry Potter has been a part of your life for as long as you can remember. You've read the books, you've seen the movies, and there are just certain things about the world that you've never stopped to question!

    But you know who IS questioning the magical world of Harry Potter? A Reddit community called Showerthoughts — a place where people gather to share the craziest epiphanies they've had.

    Here are some of the wildest, funniest, and most eye-opening things that Harry Potter fans have realized as adults:

    1. "It's amazing that there was never any mention of head lice at Hogwarts. The sorting hat literally touches every new student's head."

    2. "Anyone could have defeated Harry Potter just by saying, 'Accio glasses.'"


    3. "Harry named his children like he's someone obsessed with Harry Potter."


    4. "The most unrealistic thing about Harry Potter is that they eventually use all the skills they learn at school."

    5. "I bet couples in the Harry Potter universe sometimes use Polyjuice potion to turn into one another and have sex."


    6. "In the Harry Potter universe, you could probably get a GIF tattooed on you."


    7. "The Golden snitch in Harry Potter is nothing but a Ferrero Rocher on Red Bull."

    8. "Harry went to a school full of wizards and wizards-in-training, and NO ONE knew a spell or potion to cure his eyesight?"


    9. "Harry Potter is the ultimate example of someone who peaked in high school."


    10. "In all seven books, Harry only bathes once."

    11. "11-year-old Harry is kind of an asshole for buying all the candy from the trolley on his first Hogwarts Express trip."


    12. "A simple counter to the Expelliarmus spell would be to just wear a wrist strap."


    13. "Even in Harry Potter, a magical world, they thought astrology was a joke."

    14. "If the wizards in Harry Potter really wanted, they could create a society with unlimited food, space, and energy that could vastly improve humanity as a whole. Instead they just hide like assholes."


    [According to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transformation, the wizards can't actually conjure food from nothing — but they could certainly multiply it!]

    15. "Wizards at Hogwarts are still carrying books while muggles are using tablets and laptops."


    16. "The names Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint sound more made-up than Harry Potter and Ron Weasley."

    17. "Harry Potter was a trust fund jock who married his high school sweetheart and then became a cop."


    18. "Christmas is celebrated in the world of Harry Potter — so with the ability to conjure food, walk on water, and heal people, was Jesus just a wizard who practiced magic around muggles?"


    19. "Dumbledore should really do background checks before hiring new professors."

    20. "What’s the point of locks in the Harry Potter universe? If anyone with a wand can open them, they become more like child proofing than actual security."


    21. "If I was a muggle and I had just received a letter saying that my child is a wizard, I'd definitely think it was some sort of scam."


    22. "The exact pronunciation matters a lot when casting spells, meaning you would always have to cast spells in a British accent."

    23. "Owls would be a major security flaw in the Harry Potter world. All you have to do is write a letter to whoever you're looking for and follow the owl."


    24. "The Room of Requirement was probably used for sex. A LOT."


    25. "Cellphones are to us what magic wands are to Harry Potter. Everyone has one, they are similar but unique to us, and they only respond to our touch."

    26. "In the Harry Potter universe, a broom closet would be kinda like a parking lot."


    27. "During the second and third tasks of the Triwizard Tournament, the audience would have just been staring expectantly at a lake and a hedge, respectively."


    And finally...

    28. "What if Harry Potter was dreaming for seven years because he ran headfirst into a wall at a train station?"

    Note: Some responses have been edited for clarity.